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    Planet Toulan Release Notes 14.7

    Dukol mission Thanks for fixing this mission stage 2. I will go there to see if its working now.
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    kill 100 Wahesh mission

    Shadow and 8a, sga plates but 6a plates wirks fine. I think they do some penetration damage and some impact cut and stab maybe. Maybe acid dont know
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    Jeef Soup and Jeep Core Unit

    Jeef Soup and Jeef Nawa Core Part Can be refined into Spices and Core Unit
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    Bahri skin ddd

    Bahri skin
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    Kill 100 Thawr (Repeatable) Snow Stretch

    There is now wave events starting every 7 minute with smallest Thawr Old. Wave 2 is with Stalkers and Prowlers. I believe there are 3 waves and wave 4 is boss.
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    Kill 100 Thawr (Repeatable) Snow Stretch

    Stage 3 1000 kills Thawr Reward is Shortblades 4.88 ped or Heavy Melee Weapons 4.88 ped or Power fist 4.88 ped NPC- Shahron (134420,92152)
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    June VU Bug Thread.

    Tawhr mission is working fine I finished the stage 2 Tawhr mission works fine next stage 3 is 1000 kills.
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    June VU Bug Thread.

    Dukol 500 kills Stage 2 kill 500 Duhol I turned in the mission after killed 500 it aborted the mission instead of giving me my reward. Now ofc I have to do it all over again. The NPC is located near the Nahar teleporter.
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    Qaffaz wave spawn

    217 mobs in 3 waves then comes the L112 boss
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    New Weapons

    me too. They are not in the loot yet.
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    How are you suppose to leave the planet when you are not allowed to use vehicles? how do you fly into space?
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    kill 100 Wahesh mission

    Im done with it . But what do i get? Combat Reflex from 6859-6863. so 4 points increase I don't know how good is that?
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    New Resources in Hunting Loot

    All mobs drop hides now. but still no uber weapons.
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    Planet Toulan Live stream

    I livestream too ...
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    Planet Toulan Live stream

    I livestream too under the name Conan_barbaren.
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    Mined Resources

    I have the same problem.
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    Buying Thawr hide/leathers

    You can buy that from me.
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    Guns Please - LC-200(L) or LC-240(L)

    You can buy them from calypso auction now and pay delivery fee 6 ped to get it in your inventory. I will do the same just bigger guns.
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