1. Tataio Spitfire misho

    Selling sweat

    Hallo all. i want to sell 60 k sweat for 1.5 Ped per K. Its all self sweated. If u Think 1.5 ped per k is to much, say a bid in a replie. if u want to know if all the sweat is self sweated Go to my Youtube channal :) Link: Tataio
  2. L

    Yogs Burrow Problems

    Please add a Turret nearby to Yogs Burrow. While I appreciate and understand the intention behind not adding one, it is simply not working out the way Ant wanted. Ever since the update that restructured Yogs Burrow and especially over the past week (3/19/2018-3/26/2018) Yogs Burrow has been...
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