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Based on what Ant said earlier "it might be a case where we end up adding missions rather than alter the ones we have." It is likely new kill point mission may be added rather than changing existing missions.

As stated earlier, it will take a lot of work to balance a kill point mission properly.
Kill point missions also favor players with a different play style and level than kill number based missions.
Ark has a larger number of mob types than we do, but we have a greater range of mob difficulties for each mob type, so this must also be taken into account.
Lastly, Ant has to work with MA on many of the changes being done.

So that is why I also felt adding missions rather than changing existing missions would be beneficial to the greatest number of players

As this is likely to be a big update, not sure what all it might include, and as I like surprises, I can't wait to see what is in it.


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Just a thought on balancing Kill Point missions if added.

It might be good if the Kill Point missions are not balanced like those on Ark.

Because we would then have both Kill Point and Kill Number missions for the same Mob type, an unbalanced Kill Point mission would help prevent players from taking undue advantage of that.

Make weak mobs have a very low Kill Point value, so players hunting low level mobs for the Kill Number mission does not gain a lot on the Kill Point mission.

Conversely make the tough mobs have a higher than normal value for the Kill Point mission so those kills do not count a lot towards completing the Kill Number mission.

This approach should make it easier to construct the Kill Point missions and get them approved by MA as well

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As Sachem mentioned my approach at this stage is to add new missions. I like the idea of utilizing kill point missions but I'd rather use them in newer missions than change what we have. What I would like in the future is to build more variety into our missions and add to our lore.

Some of the challenges I have with missions is around balancing which is outside of my control so I have to try to be creative in how we reward players for being active on Monria.

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