3- Hour Skilling Run- Thurs May 6, 2021

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Date: Thurs May 6, 2021
Time: starting at 19:00 Server Time (UTC) and may last up to 3 or more hours
Location: Boarding will begin at 18:30 at Monria SS, and second Boarding will begin at 18:45 at Toulan SS. We will depart for Toulan Training Ground at 19:00

There will be no summons, so please do the following:
  • use any Monria TP and teleport up to the Monria Space Station - there are no fees
  • then use the Monria Space Station teleporter up the steps inside the globe to board the Yamato Mothership
  • you can do this by using the drop-down menu at the top right of the TP map
  • please be on time and on board the Yamato before the start time, we will leave the Monria Space Station on time
  • At Toulan Space Station, please be ready for Yamato to dock and embark via the SS teleporter.
  • After the run is over, please disembark at the SS you embarked at. You may NOT accompany Yamato on its warp home to Monria if boarding at Toulan.
You are you responsible for bringing your own repair kit comprised of an RK-0 or higher and at least 50k Welding Wire.

You can check in the Monria/Toulan shops for what's available by using the Monria Shops Inventory Tool or Toulan Shops Inventory Tool, but there will also be repair kits available for sale from the pilot once on board the Yamato.

Please make sure that you are on the Yamato Guest list within 24h of the run. You can sign up to be on the Yamato guest list here ... also, when signing up, make sure you indicate whether you are Monrian Born, Toulan Born, or own an estate on either Monria or Toulan because this will determine whether your future travel outside of repair runs on the Yamato is paid or free.

Please review and follow the Yamato Repair Skilling | General Guidelines

Please respond in this thread if you are interested.

Thank You


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I'm going to join you today with the MFM ... I need to get his VSE skills up. :)

I like your new forum avatar photo Eleni, that's how I remember your avatar from 2016. :)
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