Accessing Card Instances | Qaydar / Baydar / Shamsdar

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Hi all,

Seeing that it is more demanded, and pretty complicated to explain in chats, i decided to make a little guide to explain how to access the Cards instances.

Card instances were added 4th October 2016, under a form of lootable card parts.
You had to hunt mobs, for each specific mob was dropping a card part.
Each card were divided in 3 parts, ( Left - Right - Center ) for 3 different cards (Qaydar, Baydar, Shamsdar), making it 9 different mobs to hunt to drop all card parts.

To successfully build one card, you then needed ~15parts of each section of the same card ( 15x left / 15x center / 15x right), And then hunt specific mobs parts, like a bahri skin, sunjoq snout, mohkat organs, etc.... Each card having it own recipe. Given that some parts like sunjoq snout or rock were only added on that very same update, and had a very hard time to drop.

Then all of this was collected at the NPC Shaloob, and traded for a unique use (limited) card, giving one single access to the said instance.

Todays access to instances

Nowadays, the whole card system has been simplified.
You will buy Unlimited cards at a NPC, then will need to use one Nawa cell per card access.
The card will be yours forever, and only this Nawa cell will be consumed when entering the instance.

Step 1. Buy the cards.
Available at NPC Maher at Dam Outpost [133.962 ~ 95.105]

Map outpost.png

You can buy the cards for Mirsal Tokens, which are looted in instances themselves.
To get them the natural way, you could play some CUHOF instances to gather Mirsal Tokens.
To get them quicker, you could just buy them from another player.

**NOTE: Next to Maher is Shaloob, who is only related to trade legacy old card parts for ammos ~ If you are looking here, ignore him.

Cost of the cards are as follows:

misral cards.png

Step 2. Collect Nawa Cells

You will need Nawa Cells to both enter CUHOF and Card Instances.
Cells are made from Nawa Fragments, either looted at the "rig," in the Narian Temple, top floor; or mined, though in shallow depth, so TT finders are recommended.

Temple [134.426 ~ 90.621]

The recipe to make cells is as follows:

[Nawa Energy Cells] => Refine [Nawa Fragment] with [Nawa Shard] .... then => Refine [Nawa Shard] with 100x [Vibrant Sweat]

Step 3. Meet the Magician

Once at this step, the hard work is done.
You will need to meet Azraq.
He is located on the Watchtower, by the West Gate of Guardian Village, at [133.766 - 93.354]


He will then ask you which card you will want to choose, and give you the incantation formula to enter it.

Difficulty goes as follows:

Qaydar = Easy ( Lv8 Qaffaz Stalker Boss)
Baydar = Medium ( Lv10 Bahri Stalker Boss)
Shamsdar = Hard ( Lv24 Jeef Zajer Ancient Boss)

azraq dialogue.png

NOTE: Doing this will
NOT consume your Nawa Cell yet, so feel free to cancel the mission if you picked the wrong one.
Also, he mentions that this card will
instantly be taken from you, this is now wrong.
This was due to the old card system, you will keep your card forever.

Step 4. Find the Magic Gate

Your mission should be as follow:

mission azraq.png

Burj Al-Hawa Tower is literally behind Azraq


You can either swim there, or teleport.
teleport at the right spot, click inside the " C " section of the grey item on the map, [133.390 ~ 92.687]

teleport map.png

This will land you directly under the tower, by your destination.

Entropia 2021-04-05 14.17.07.png

From here, walk inside, turn left, and you should see the
Interactive Pad [133.425 ~ 92.678]

Entropia 2021-04-05 14.23.46.png

From there, you'll need to say the formula Azraq secretly told you, and you should then be absorbed into the magical gate.
NOTE: This is where your Nawa Cell will be consumed

Entropia 2021-04-05 14.25.38.png

Hope this helps, and good luck!
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Well done Eleni, this will give many of us the ability to use this as a link to direct players to how the card instances are done with all the intricate details and save a lot of time to try to explain it in the game.

Thank you for taking the time to put this together for the community, it's appreciated. :thumbsup

I also moved this thread to the Toulan Resources section of the forum because this information is more specific to Toulan than general hunting that would apply across the universe.


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Yes sorry, i wasnt sure about where to post it, so i just put it with my other tutorials :)

Its always easier to send a link 😄

No worries Eleni, I'm going to be doing another level of reorganization with the forum so that things are more easily understood as to where resources are and all thing relating to Toulan and Monria will be in the right places instead of scattered.

It's all good, and I love that community members are taking the time to contribute such valuable information. :)
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