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Im a just going to continue that list.
I have extended it a bit, due to new VUs, and spiced up a bit the Karmoosh part, and will try to figure out harder goals for each completed ones.
No time limit this time, since i was happy with my skill gain logs, so i wont track this now.
I also dont track my TT in/out/MU since im terrible at this, and usually work from the Total TT from EU website when i make a point.
I am basically still playing the same gear, not planning any change on that, unless Toulan release some ULs that matches my skills and goals ; and given that i could get one : so ill just put the tiering to 10 as a goal, and update where im at, etc etc..

I will just update as i go.

  1. Completed (March 21) Finish Khaffash Quwa stage 5
  2. Completed (March 21) Finish Qaffaz Stage 5
  3. Finish Toulan Codex 8/12 (minus Otis/Lotus) Never updated 😬
  4. Finish Monria Codex 2/4
  5. Reach tier 10 Castorian Combat Enblade 10 : 5/10 On Stop - Not using due to tier comps better off selling.
  6. Reach Tier 10 Enkidd Howler S.4 : 5.94/10
  7. Completed (March 21) Be maxed on Kinetic chip IX (Lv35)
  8. Reach tier 10 Marber Bravo Adjusted : 4/10 On stop - Not using due to tier comps better off selling.
  9. Reach tier 10 Kinetic chip IX : 4.94/10 On Stop - Not using due to tier comps better off selling.
  10. Completed (Dec.22) Reach Lv70 Swordsman ( Unlock Commando )
  11. Reach Lv80 DMG (Unlock Kill strike)
  12. Completed ( March 21 ) Unlock Ethereal Soul Language ( Lv25 Biotropic )
  13. Get 100 mobs Codex to Rank 10 (40/100) Never updated 😬
  14. Reach Lv50 Evader : 42/50
  15. Reach Lv50 Dodger : 35/50
  16. Completed (May 2021) Unlock Lv30 skill animal looter
  17. Completed (Nov.21) Unlock Lv30 skill Mutant Looter
  18. Unlock Lv30 skill Robot looter : 28/30
  19. Completed (Feb~21) Buy a Adjusted Marber Bravo Rifle
  20. Completed (Oct.22) Reach Lv25 Electronic engineer : 27/25
  21. Completed (Sept.22) Reach Lv25 Mechanical Engineer : 28/25
  22. Completed (Aug.22) Reach Lv15 Material Constructor : 18/15
  23. Completed (oct.21) Reach Lv5 Material Designer
  24. Completed (Sept.21) Reach Lv5 Colourer
  25. Completed (Feb~21) Kill a Thawr Divine in viceroy
  26. Completed (Feb~21) Kill Wahesh Stalker in viceroy
  27. Kill Karmoosh in Non-adjusted Pixi with a Z12 rifle
  28. Completed (April 2021) Make couple discoveries 2/2 ( Baraka Harness M / Jadid Helmet F )
  29. Get a red bunny again ( and Level to Lv17 ) failed / abandonned I cant do pets!
  30. Completed (Jun.22) Reach 300.000 total skillpoints : 282.500 - 319.016
  31. Get to 2000 pilot skills : 1766/2000
  32. Completed (dec.21) Get VSE to Lv25
  33. Get to Lv50 VSE : 40/50
  34. Get Gunner to Lv50 HIT / DMG : 36/50 ~ 35/50
  35. Completed (dec.21) Farm enough Tiarak hides and make my old outfit again
  36. Reach 120 Strenght : 117/120
  37. Completed (oct.22) Reach 50 Stamina
  38. Reach 100 Stamina : 76/100
  39. Reach 250 HP : 236/250
  40. Completed (Jun.22) Buy a Adj. Chip again
  41. Completed (jan23) Reach Lv25 Jammer : 25/25
  42. Reach Lv35 Jammer
  43. Completed (Jun~21) Reach Lv25 Paramedic and unlock Treatment
  44. Completed (oct.21)Reach Lv 25 Pyro (speedy chip)
  45. Completed (Jul~21)Unlock Mindforce Harmony
  46. Completed (Dec.21) Unlock Force Merge : 65/65
  47. Completed (March.22) Play normally on MU without depot for an extended period (6 months done)
  48. Upgrade Baraka armor to Adjusted : 1/7 parts Abandonned
  49. Loot a set of Cuhof plating : 2/7 Abandonned
  50. Make a stack of 100 Taftu Tinctures 23/100
  51. Completed (Oct.22) Make a stack of 1000 Neon Essences
  52. Loot a Nushka blade furniture for my appartement
  53. Loot 100.000 Mirsal coins, and save it for later : 37.000 / 100.000
  54. Unlock deep space knowledge 36/45 gunner
  55. Unlock manufacture methodology : 28/40 mechanical/electronics
  56. Unlock medical therapy : 31/50 Paramedic
  57. Destroy my Viceroy armor and bury it once for good (started Dec. 2021) : TT = 23%/100%
  58. Save up for a spaceship : 50/80
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Eleni Von Estlla

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Overall 2022 was a pretty filmsy year in Entropia for me, why there has been no update.
Mostly having played the CUHOF armor VU for about a month and Toulan Citizenship, though still due to do the Queen's recognition post-quest.
Very busy IRL so I have very little time for the game, and next year will be very likely similar :)

Overall, Both Commando and Force Merge were unlocked this week during my break - This may have been the most relevant milestones this year - And my hunting goals achieved.
@Miles Stardust Commando through Swords was achieved! 😁

The gear tiering has been put on on stop, due to Tier components finding a better place on auction - I am only using and tiering my S.4 rifle now that i am again done with my hunting goals.

Both Baraka Adjusted and CUHOF plating quest were abandonned - The chase is too complicated for what it currently is - though i will keep an eye out for items for sale.

Focus on 2023 onwards will be towards more codex while happily tiering my S.4 rifle - As well as working in Space.

Happy new year 🥳

Eleni Von Estlla

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My dear little rifle has reach Tier 6 today, and apparently was the first.
Again, i bought this "thing" years ago, at about Lv20, and kept it with me all this time to stick and keep skilling plasma.
So this means a lot to me :)

tier 6.png

Entropia 2023-01-13 23.21.49_2.png


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Gratz Eleni, I saw that in the game, but didn't reach out because there was a lot going on ... I'll catch up with you soon. 💜
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