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Hi all. Just curious if the latest skill addition of "gardening" will affect any changes on Monria in the future. It has been made clear in the past that there are no intentions to having land area on Monria available to purchase due to differences involving Monria being a moon vs planet and restrictions MA has in place for both of these. Since gardening is a skill that only benefits land owners, is there some plan of some kind for this skill or another new skill to be implemented on Monria? Presently, we can mine sweetstuff and find fruit to make nutri bars for pets. However, by accident I found out that now we can refine fruit to be fruit seeds to sell to land owners which there are none on Monria.

It just seems alot of additions MA does in Entropia exclude Monria orientation and focus with no specific benefit to Monrians..i.e. having a gardening skill on a planet where land cannot be owned or gardening performed. Is there a new skill that MA is doing for Monria (a moon that doesnt have land ownership available) that fits Monria's current progress plan? A different skill besides gardening that works with the current plan for whatever the restrictions are on Monria as a moon vs planet?

Thanks for the imput to the question above.

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There's currently no plans in this area but the gardening system has only just come out so I'm honestly not sure how that will all play out. Originally as I understand it this was just for CLD owners on Calypso so Monria wouldn't have been a part of that. It's a good idea but I don't know if it would even be an option for us to be honest as I haven't looked into it.

We typically won't get anything by default with MA content releases unless it is part of my development plan which takes time and money or something universe wide perhaps. This is why it might seem that we get excluded but really it is more like MA has their own development and I have mine. It just takes me a little longer as I don't have my own development team.



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Well, technically we ARE part of Caly, so they say, so by default they really should give it to you Ant :)
It couldn't hurt to try it hehe.


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The moon would need to expand a bit before we could get plot ownership...not enough room otherwise.
Maybe Cthulhu could try a surprise attack on us Monrian's through a new cave network that their pet yogs have created and after we drive them back, we find a paradise for new homes??? You could even do a whole year of events leading up to it or something....use the ped gained from those events and funnel it into the cost to pay MA's development team.

Give people the opportunity to win a plot land (only a small amount of them) in these event's and I'm sure you will get many people flying to the moon to participate.....but then again, if the plots and gardening thing flops on's prop not worth doing here....maybe wait 6 months to a year first and see how it all goes, then consider plans :)
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