Beginner Mission #4 | Investigate the Cultists | Ben Connors


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This is beginner mission #4 taken from "Ben Connors" at the Monria Hub, 2nd floor, far end:

This is the notification you will get after taking the mission from Ben Conors.
You will receive ammo, and the mission "Deliver the ore to Chuck" will be completed.
You will get "Investigate the Cultists" as your next mission.​

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Take any teleporter to Cave TP 1 and run forward into this open area which is relatively close to the TP. You don't have to kill anything unless someone aggro'd the Shoggoth and 2 Cultists on the right. The mission should update rather quickly without having to go too far.

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Return to Ben Connors.

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This is the notification you will get after returning to Ben Connors.
The mission "Investigate the Cultists" will be completed and you will receive a new mission.

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