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----------------"Happy Valentine's Day from Black Mesa Research Facility!"------------------

We decided to publish these two spreadsheets which can be used to calculate blueprints.

The picture on the left is a standard xlsx sheet from Office365 online. The picture on the right
is an ots template from OpenOffice version 4.15.15. Grey areas are protected to reduce accidental
field changes, white areas are for user input. To unprotect the documents for making your own
changes use the password "BMRF". Orange areas are for item names, if you choose to use them.
A compressed zip-file is attached which contains both files.

* There are no macros or embeds, just simple calculations. *

Have a great day and feel free to comment,

Soloman SM Matthias


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At it Again,

We have an update for CraftCalc to version 2.1 with some nice enhancements. Within the compressed folder there are two files. One is an ots template file designed for OpenOffice 4.15.15. The other is an ods export of the same file which can be imported into Office 365 online. Once imported, you will be prompted to convert to the latest format in order to edit it. You may have to adjust column widths depending on your resolution. So just use the password
BMRF to unprotect it.

Section one and two on the left are the version 1.0 document. Section three on the left automatically populates a pie chart based on markup values so you can see the largest contributor at a glance. Section four, top-right, are concepts related to the Scenarios and Strategies in section five that may prove useful in preventing some crafting losses. This also includes an auction calculator which seems to be very accurate, yet "EXPERIMENTAL" at this stage. Same as before, all cells are protected and the only data that needs to be entered will be entered into white cells. Use names in section one so that they populate on the pie-chart. A small piece of Scratch Paper has been included for quick calculations.

Feel Free to post any comments, and thanks for checking us out.

Soloman SM Matthias


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I like this but when you use it for things like simple 1 conductors the value of mats is higher than the value of the item as you produce multiple items with each success, so it goes a bit off the rails as a success always produces multiple items and a little residue.

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Hi Heidi,
The minimum "Success" always equals the TT value of the input materials excluding residue. Success divided by the TT value of the "individual" product will show you the count per successful attempt. "Item TT" on the table also equals "Success" until you start to "Use Residue". That should clear it up. .....What's that? yeah, sounds like version 2.2 , on it... Thank You!!!!!

Soloman @Black Mesa

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Version 2.5.1 adds:
Visual Adjustments to reduce eye strain.
Adjustments for slider boosting.
Near success variance.
Crafting Run Calculator with visual output.
Near success values adjust in Scenarios where applicable.

Same as before.. all feedback is welcome, Thanks,



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3.0 coming up, noted errors with user added residue in 2.5 related to MOD(x,y), combined residue and shrap as a ttvalue
Planning to include actual return to compare with predictions.

Soloman @Black Mesa

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All set again, Please let me know if you find an issue, THX!!!! Edited Post above with new image and files. Same password. I can't think of anything else I need on my calculator, so this is probably it for now. If you think of something, speak up !!
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