Bodyguard while I was crafting


Hi again,

Dark Moon Enigma has graced me with my own storytelling section here, I hope to continue earning that privilege with my posts, and I hope you enjoy reading my various ramblings.

Yesterday I met the Local Crafter, a rather statuesque and imposingly figured lady in the main trading area.
My small attempts at crafting proceeded without incident, but I must admit I did feel a little intimidated and nervous crafting while under the stern gaze of the Local Crafter lady.
Perhaps my nervous manner was apparent to others in the area, and in true Monrian style a complete stranger nearby thought to show their support and to offer protection & comfort.

When I looked up from the crafting window, I noticed that I now had a "bodyguard" who appeared to have their arm protectively around my shoulder, which I found very comforting and made me feel much safer during my crafting. (I think this may have made Local Crafter lady somewhat jealous, as her stern gaze became somewhat of a glare).

So thankyou Lovera for keeping me safe and protecting me during my crafting. :partydance

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