BPs use unrefined resources

Colbey Kal

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A lot of the BPs I've seen use the unrefined version of resources. While you may have a good reason for this it makes sourcing the needed mats Very confusing. Besides confusing people who are used to EU it makes mining a pita since unrefined resources are heavy.

I hope Toulan keeps getting better!

Colbey Kal

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Colby, some bp's have used unrefined mats for a long time.. not just here.
Yeah, but here there are 'a lot' of unrefined things being used. If that's how things wre meant to be that's fine.... it's the design team's choice, but it's frustrating. If the miner has already refined the resource it becomes worthless for the people who want to craft with it. I've bought mats that were refined, when I needed unrefined... I'm sure others have done the same. Especially since the names between the refined V Unrefined aren't very clear.

Miles Stardust

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The use of both refined and un-refined resources makes mining and crafting on Toulan more complicated. In particular, it makes it very difficult to determine what things you could craft with your current inventory. Unlike gathering materials for a particular item, using the crafting interface to show you things you can craft with your available inventory leads to increased crafting opportunities, and increased overall crafting.

Like most things, it is a bit of double-edge sword - for knowledge of the confusing situation opens up some opportunities that a generally 'all refined' crafting model would eliminate - but that would be a small price for the greater good. If you do decide to make a change, make it soon. It will only be harder the longer you wait.

P.S. Please drop more texture BP's. Right now the lack of supply is stifling - such nice clothing items, but styling with Toulan textures is nearly impossible.

----- Later -----

P.P.S. I should gripe about that more often, texture BP's are dropping nicely.....today :)

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Neil Stockton

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Especially on a planet where miners can't use vehicles, it's a bad idea to use unrefined mats in ANY BPs. Toulan BPs are a mishmash of refined and unrefined that seems to follow no logic.

The primary reasons you should only use refined resources in BPs:

1) weight reduction for walking miners (btw the minerals are very heavy, they could use some weight reduction)
2) to prevent minerals becoming "unsellable" once they're refined. EU has trained miners to refine everything by reflex
3) to allow the crafting interface to work as intended... you will clearly see at a glance which items you have enough resources to craft
4) a new planet needs to streamline as much as possible, as there is limited resource flow between players
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