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hardly any hides are dropping... people come to toulan for hides and mining.....200 tabs and not a single hide is bad.

Holding back the loot so people will spend more peds on toulan is not the way to bring more traffic to toulan. if you monitor the chat log you can see how disappointed people are.

"I'll come back in 6 months, hopefully its fixed by then" not something i like reading in chat.
I love toulan and its my home...but i hate to see people leave disappointed.

before mining was broke. you fix the mining, and now loot is broken.
it costs me 6 ped to kill 200 tabtab for the daily. id glady spend 50 peds to grind for hides... but when i kill 200 tabs with not a single hide...whats the point of spending another single pec on them??

Fix the loot, and they will come, they will stay. they will grind. they will spend.

also i see in chat buggy the stage 3 nahar outfit. people go to the cave looking for the duhol crates and get frustrated because they cant complete the mission. Us toulanians know to mine for it...but if noone is there to answer their dilemma in chat...again...they'll leave in disappointment.
I have seen it time and time again.

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hides not dropping was a consequence of loot 2.0 1.5 years ago iirc. we got told lots of times that its fixed / gets fixed but honestly, nothing changed since then. the new building gave me a bit of hope for the development but seeing that nothing happened on it in 2 months as well is kinda disappointing. toulan could be great but it has the "Mindark problem" of being deadly slow.

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Actually, quite a few items that have not dropped since loot 2.0 have started dropping again.

Specifically, many hides and mob parts are back in the loot; Bahri Skin, Qaffaz Nail, Dahar Hide, Jeef Core Unit, etc. Also some items that had never dropped, like Wahesh Hide, Duhol Hide, and Mohat Hide are all recent discoveries. Most of these items do not drop enough and some are severely capped, like the Tabtab hides mentioned by OP.

The next step is to up the drop rates enough to a) inspire hunting, and b) permit crafting - but seeing these items in loot is positive sign.

Peace, Miles


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There has been indeed a loot fix applied recently.

We'll look into "Tabtab Hide" , please mention any other items you also need to us to investigate.

We're noting all your mentioned points, thanks for the valued feedback guys, keep it coming.
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Here are specifics for certain items from 2 mobs that I hunted on the new island instances:

Bahri - Young to Mature - 1hr

500 kills
5 hides (all at the beginning)
4 skins (all at the beginning)
6 basic leather extractors (drop 1 at a time, so appears to be a special item)
28 claws

Refined Hides have multiple uses, skins have use, BLE's are very useful.
Claws, and refined claws, have no known use.

If the other 3 items dropped more like claws, hunting Bahri would be worthwhile, with current drop rates, they're not.

Thawr - Young to Mature - 1hr
275 kills
10 hides
0 horns
12 BLE's
24 wings

Refined hides and BLE's have uses.
Wings, and refined wings, horns and refined horns, have no known use.

I have also been hunting Qaffaz for their nails, and it seems like Hides, Tails, and Nails all drop about the same rate now, and it's low, but closer to sufficient.

Dahhar hides now drop, but it would take a lifetime to loot enough of them to craft enough textures to apply to a single field.

Wahesh, Duhol, and Mokhat hides are all new drops, all have very low drop rates. Still no known BP's for any of those, although it's hard to craft a lot of textures to look for texture BP's, if they exist - and they should or what's the point.

Diluted Mineral Extractors, required in quantity for multiple Toulan textures (Nahar Mist, Arabesque, Sweat Glow), don't seem to drop at all. This is a high markup item across EU, so higher drop rates would lead to more exports, leaving the textures as very expensive to craft. Not sure what the intention is for those recipes but DME's used drop 1 at time from many mobs here, the same way BLE's do.

I'll post more specific info as I do more tracked hunts.

Take care, Miles
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well i have a couple of chat log screenshots. just 1 example of "broken loot" that players are i said i see it everyday in chat log.


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Jeef Zajer

1 hour in Island instance, Slug -> Defender:
600 kills
7 Jeef Core part
7 Jeef Jeef Zajer Hides

1 hour (or so) SW of Al Nahar Snow Mountain Outpost, Primeval -> Ancient
250 kills (aprox.)
9 Jeef Core part
8 Jeef Zajer Hides

1 hour in Island instance, Slug -> Defender:
555 kills
6 Jeef Core units
6 Jeef hides

3 hours hunting, 1.4k kills:

22 Core units = 4 complete Jeef Cores + 2 leftover parts
21 Hides = 4 Jeef Zajer leather + 1 leftover hide

There are BP's where Jeef Cores are the only material, and others that include it. How are any of those items supposed to be crafted? Even without a use for them, I clicked away for skills and BP's when they used to drop 1 Core part per kill. Now they are pointlessly precious.

The situation with the hides is par for the course, with most mobs dropping hides at a similar rate. It is impossible to craft with this kind of drop rate for materials.

The good news: I finished Stage 4 of the Jeef Zajar Quwa mission chain - and received my Jeef Zajer Figure with the reward :D

Stay safe, Miles
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