Buff for Karmoosh Lateef


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Currently the Karmoosh Lateef has no special buff, while being very hard to obtain. The devs always said Karmoosh Lateef would get a special buff.

If Karmoosh Lateef would get 1% reload speed for tools/weapons at level 17 and 3%at level 32, then this planet would get a lot of traffic and the whole universe would want to have this pet.

Just saying....


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Thanks Spawn, this pet buff is way overdue, and is on our priority list.

We'll soon find out what special capability Lateef has hidden in its pocket for so long.


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Thanks Spawn, I apologize that our promises on this buff haven't been fulfilled yet.

I confirm that it is at our top priority list, we've had progress on this matter, and Lateef will hopefully receive his promised buff by next release.


any clues on what the buff will be? If it's a combination of the mining buffs that yogs have along with the autoloot buff, speedy reload buff and a new undiscovere buff too it may be well worth it?

Just tell Mindark to take the last 5 years of seasonal rings and add all those buffs to it already with a quick copy/paste. :)
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