Cave 1 Wave event suggestion


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So let me start off by saying im a fairly new player and my wave event experience is limited in EU.

I just did the Shoggoth wave event in Cave 1 on monria and i have to say it was one of the most frustrating and annoying things i have done so far in this game.
The Amount of non wave mobs around that place is absolutely way to much for a newer player to handle, witch i assume this particular wave event is catered towards.
i understand a wave event is supposed to be a challenge, but the amount of non wave mobs i had to keep kill as they kept spawning ontop of me was getting to a point where i felt like quitting and i was boiling inside trying to get the wave done. I also died once on the last wave and i had to clear 20+ mobs just to get back to the boss. i did get a bunch of globals and came out a good amount in the positive but i cant see myself doing it again in this current state. i was simply not having fun.

So i would suggest that you remove most of the non wave mob spawns around that little area and then increase the amount of wave mobs spawned so it doesnt feel like you have to keep killing mobs that are not relevant to that particular wave event but still keep it a challenge. Or move the event spawn abit away from all those other spawns.

i really like what your guys are doing overall and i would love to spend more time on your planets.

Kind regards - Callie.


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one thing i thought about while reading this was it would be really nice if prior to entering an instance in Monria or Toulan(which is my experience). there was a like "recommended" dps/skill lvl. Not a required ofc but, just something that told players entering kind of an idea of where they should be or what they should expect if entering the instance would be a nice thing to have in game via an NPC or even during the Accept my Energy screen etc.
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