Below can be solved differently and easiest way would not cost much to implement, for example no new items and just skill rewards.

1. Daily missions
- add Calypso/Cyrene/Toulan type daily missions for tokens/skill
- add options to accept tokens or tiny amount of skill as reward
- add Bonus to daily missions, super rare, like on Calypso, get 20 times more skill or tokens
- add multiple options to do daily mission (easy,medium,hard)
- easy will tell you to kill 100 mobs of x type and rewards 1 tokens or 0.1 pec Anatomy (example)
- medium will tell you to kill 250 mobs of x type and reward 2 tokens or 0.2 pec Anatomy (example)
- hard will tell you to kill 500 mobs to x type and reward 3 tokens or 0.3 pec Anatomy (example)
- same example for mining, crafting already has mission
- create vendor for daily mission token items
- CDF version of Modecs like Calypso has, requires some work, but not hard to implement
- Amps, Plates etc, similar to Calypso
- Fluff - clothing etc, maybe make a contest for design. There are many people around who can create ready models for Mindark.
- Uber clothing - for example Leprechaun clothing set for gazillion tokens like Cyrene PVP has. Something that would make players come back and regulary farm Monria.

I know this is probably considered, but it would add a lot to moon. It would create the need to come back over and over, which is very good for population, shop keepers etc. It would also make it easier to grind double iron mission Monria has and create more interest in farming those.

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I'm sure many of these sorts of things will be in Ant's aim for the moon, however I think at this stage we should just be happy about getting the new pet and boxing ring on Monria...that is a real accomplishment!!!

Remember the moon is a small part of EU and Ant will have limited resources for getting things implemented.
Not to mention it will all take time to do (and money!). MA isn't a big games developer like Blizzard or Activision that have many different divisions that they can allocate parts to. They seem to be a smaller team that has to deal with a lot, ranging from bug fixes to the cry's and whining of many avatars on Caly who want space/new content/events, etc added.

I think they are doing the best they can with what they have and i applaud Ant for managing to squeeze a VU for Monria into their schedule.

Even though I think these are all great ideas NPV and I would look forward to any of these being implemented, you have to be a bit more realistic in what is "easy to implement" and "would not cost very much".

First off, we don't know how much it cost Ant to implement the boxing ring and new pet for Monria....and we should not know as we did not purchase the moon. It could have been as little as a hundred dollars or as high as ten thousand or more. It is not for us to say whether this would cost much or not.

Second, it may seem easy to implement something, a few lines of code and BAMM its done. In reality, it's not that easy.
If you just input those lines and release it without extensive testing, you could cause many issues (do i really need to mention some of the things like the display area bugs, etc). Also even though it may work correctly after testing, doesn't mean those line's of code haven't messed up or conflict with some other lines of code in the game completely unrelated.

Even the best coders (who MA most likely don't hire) can input mistakes in code.

So it's great you are putting forward ideas, I just think it's not right for us to be saying this or that should be easy to implement or not cost very much.

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Thanks for the ideas @Naming Policy Violation there's some good stuff there.

I track all the suggestions we get and will steal without shame any good ideas I can get done. It's not always possible and can take a while but keep posting! The pet and the stable work started from early feedback when we first took over the moon so I'm definitely open to suggestions :)


I wount argue on cost :) I know nothing about it, but I guess reusing current resources is cheaper than creating completely new stuff. In my suggestions over years in games I played, I always aim for replayability.

Pet and boxing ring is awesome and even more that it got done so fast, compared to even smallest bugfixes, but not my cup of tea. I would probably lie if I say I wount have interest in one or another in future though.



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NPV you can always get the caly dailies, the mining mission, the daily crafting and do them here as well. You can also do monria's dailies on caly, ie the daily crafting you can do on caly too, it all counts. Id especially be sure to get the iron mining missions from caly, you can get them from the building / terminal inside at cape corinth. That way if you do any mining on monria and hit something, it will count for the iron mission too.

Ant here's an idea. Caly has a ton of hunting iron missions. Caly's stuff works on Monria and vise versa. What if instead of spending BIG $$$ on a new mob, you could just get a few of the Caly mobs to spawn on the moon too, some of the more common ones that count for the iron missions? That way it'd be cheaper for you, since it's not inventing something new, and hopefully just a DNA and spawn approval, and also gives daily missions too for Monria in a way, or at least missions that can be done here daily. Maybe throw in a daily terminal and we'd be golden? Technically we are part of Caly so they shouldn't have that big of a heartburn over it.



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We won't be spawning "common" mobs on Monria, that's already been decided, but rather keep it unique. We have a development plan that will give people plenty to do ... it's just a matter of time to get it all implemented. We want to be a destination that gives players a change and something out of the ordinary.

It doesn't have to be about convenience and doing everything from everywhere at one location. Mining resources aren't the same everywhere, and that keeps every location a level of uniqueness in their own way. The only technical aspect of being a part of Caly is that we share a server and we rely on their team to implement our development plans.

Everything is tied into a storyline and how Monria will evolve, but perhaps there are other ways to enhance dailies from our own perspective. There are already plans for a new quest line, as well as other development plans that can't be revealed just yet, so with time, we will be expanding activities, and maybe at some point introducing another mob.

It's not about saving "big $$$" ... but rather doing what is unique to Monria.


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No problem DME, but dreams and plans don't keep the people here. Giving them something to do, does keep them here, spending money here, and that is what makes your plans happen right? It's when people spend on Monria, and not just ride on someone elses coat tails that makes the economy work, and gives Ant the revenue needed to go forward with his grand plans. Plans and ideas are wonderful, but essentially useless if you don't have the capital to see them into fruition.

Unique is good, so is convenience. I would have been sure you would have seen that by now that people will go for convenience a lot faster than someone's idea of unique. Sadly, that is why many of the tower shops don't do as well as the main floor shops do, because it's inconvenient to take 5 minutes to travel to them.

In the end, what makes a business a success is giving the people what they want, not necessarily what you tell them they want. If it takes a bit of 'common' to fund your 'unique' then that might be a sacrifice that needs to be made in the short run. If it's not about $$ and all about unique then why doesn't ant just take out a big loan and make it happen? It's always about $$$. Anyone who puts in any of their own money into this place knows that, whether it's investing in a shop, or investing in a new rifle, or armor, it all boils down to the bucks.

Was just offering suggestions as to possible stepping stones, however I see they are unwelcome. I will stay out of the forums and not bother to try to help anymore.



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Was just offering suggestions as to possible stepping stones, however I see they are unwelcome. I will stay out of the forums and not bother to try to help anymore.

Hey Sluggo you know all your suggestions are welcome :) though all wont be acted upon given whatever it fits in with all of the surrounding infrastructure or another plan that is underway etc...

Keep your ideas coming they are invaluably to our development and you know that we can use all the help we get form you guys, it's what makes the moon great, and nobody know it better than it's citizens.

Though we don't always agree on things we are what makes this community strong...each and every one of us

now at the risk of you putting me in my place...no throwing the toys out of the pram lol :p
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