Disturbance notice regarding Paypal Deposits and Webshop purchases


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Due to a Paypal issue this weekend we've been experiencing problems with Deposits and Webshop purchases using Paypal.

We are currently investigating the issue further and if you've not received your Deposit or Webshop purchase done via Paypal please file a support case under Deposit error - Paypal.

We apologies for the inconvenience this may have caused during this issue.

Kind regards,
Entropia Universe Support

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Pay pal has been goofy the past few weeks. I am having problems as well with my business and cash transactions. Although MA doesn't need to worry about this, postage is a complete mess as well. It seems they decide to do their tweaking / experimenting on the weekends. WORSE time for that, at least from an MA point of view, that's when probably most the people have time off to get here.

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