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DJ.Izzy (tribute) LiVe NOW!!!!!
please click at 21.00 (in 30min)

21.00 - 23.30 EU time
>> <<
- FORT ArgUs CalYpSO ~~~ SiLLy AnsWers To StuPid QuEstiONs!! CoMe GEt SoMe!!!

STORY TIME (have a smile)

Izz game friendlist bio:
Le Nomade.....Silly answers to stupid questions...Dances with Turtles!!

"Izz Le Nomade"

"Sillly answers to stupid questions" - decided as new catchline during a show

"dance with the turtles" -

"Come get some" - just a middle finger

Ingame bithdays, weddings, parties, weekend shows and random walk-ons
He lives through EU History - Because of all of you <3

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