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Just the other day I said that it would be cool to have a Skyripper ... today, I was on my way to my penthouse in the Cthylla Tower and saw that Buzz's shopkeeper outside his shop was looking more cool for some reason, so I decided to check it out ... he added a nice Toulan head piece to his shopkeeper to blend with the armor it was wearing, but he also put a very pretty Toulan carpet on the floor as well.

Just out of curiosity, I opened his shopkeeper to see what he was selling, and VOILA !!! Not only a Skyripper, but also at a very reasonable price I thought. :p

I had to take it for a test drive at Forensics, and of course, not just a simple test drive ...

Entropia 2021-05-24 16-00-50-46.png

Entropia 2021-05-24 15-44-08-98.png

I'm checking for any anomalies ... there have been issues at this rock formation before. o_O

Entropia 2021-05-24 15-45-41-97.png

Apparently, my official star gets tucked into my cleavage for safe keeping on the Skyripper at times.

Entropia 2021-05-24 15-46-24-97.png

Do you know where that green color comes from in the DSEC Forensics rock formation?
(it's one of the unsolved mysteries still being investigated)

Entropia 2021-05-24 15-46-52-46.png

Let's go scare the patrons at the Monria Hub. :p

Entropia 2021-05-24 15-47-44-73.png

Oh, and sometimes it seems my official star is carried like Captain America's Shield.

Entropia 2021-05-24 15-49-00-60.png

I'm not sure they noticed ... I'm not spying, I promise. :p
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