Don't change Horns of z'agol


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My suggestion about the horns is that you do not change the way they work today, or at least keep them working with other armors.

The reason for this is very simple. If the horns only work with Monria armors they are more or less totally worthless for the majority of players.

And.. if you want more medium and high LVL players to come to Monria and grind to get the horns this is definately vital. 3% reload that you can only use with an armor that you do not have or that you do not want will just result in that you simply don't try to grind for them. There is just no point if you don't want them just for fashion reasons.

Another way to do it could of course be if you had upgrade missions on armor similar to Viceroy or the new Gorgon armor. Because if you can grind and grind and eventually have a high end armor + 3% reload. That's a total different story. Then you have a winning concept!

//Goran Eson Eriksson
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Agreed, I do like the fact that they only work with certain armors. I feel that it's been this way for a long time now, best to keep it that way as players like myself have worked hard to maintain a build around the horns with particular rings and armor.
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