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Felix Kiste

New Member
Please correct the Hitbox for Lotus Robots.
You start target their head but than it switches to the lower end of the mob.
Mostly I had shot them once and ran into the field of mobs on auto tool use.
Thank You.

Gopher Bless

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The DSEC bot CB 01-03 seem like they have too much regen. Compared to all other mobs in EU with 100-200 hp, these things probably have 2x more regen than the highest regen mob in that category. It doesnt feel right when a 100 hp CB bot 01 regens for 10 hp or whatever the number is. I havent tested the regen of the other CB bots but if these are for the lower tier hunters, they have too much regen.

Zarnia Foxtrot

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Volunteer Mentor
Hi. I"m not sure if this is what the Lotus Invader Bots are supposed to do but some of them, after they were killed, still had the "burn" affecting me for about 25sec. Are they supposed to do that?


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This last VU brought many mining changes to Calypso. One of which was a redistribution of materials used for enhancers (Pyrite, Fire Root Pellet, Dianthus, etc.). These now have a large concentration of availability outside of lootable pvp.

I see a DSEC Part 1 with a selection full of robots offering every sort of generic component and socket component to make enhancers, but no materials on the server to make them...

Maybe see if DSEC Part 3's server can be modified to include materials to make enhancers?

Alternatively, are you able to make a new line of Nawa-Infused / Dark Nawa enhancers that utilize toulan specific ore and enmatter?

For example:

Weapon: Reload Speed
Armor: Block Chance
Mining Finder: Chance to find rare mineral
Healing Tool: Apply a heal over time
Extractor: Create more decay to extract more minerals

Perhaps with limited blueprints given through a repeatable mission or unlimited versions given as a reward for a long grind mission reminiscent of the crossover part1?

Even if a new line of enhancers were planet-bound items they would see a massive amount of use/cycle on the planet to create them and then be used in dsec/toulan content.

Don't know if it's possible but was a thought that seemed worth posting.


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Could you make the map of DSEC-9 more "zoomable"... I don't know if I'm becoming old and blinder :D but it's really hard create a waypoint using the coordinates and clicking on map. I never had this problem on other maps... but maybe it's the age growning and I need glasses

Gopher Bless

New Member
Please decrease the vibrancy of color or do something to make the color in 1st section of d-sec not put so much strain on the eyes. The red is too much and it hurts my brain after a while. Idk if others have the same problem, but it is annoying.

David Joker

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I thought I would post a suggestion to see about getting a mining quests npc in Dsec. It is nice that we can work on our Toulan mining awards and Thana's daily while on Dsec. However flying to Toulan to update or turn in the quests is kind of a drag.
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