I have enjoyed my time on Monria. Keep coming back and hunting for those chapters. I love the lore, love the community but I was thinking about a way that could expand Monria without crazy alterations to the moon.

I was thinking adding dungeons (instances like robot beacons on Calypso).

Each primary Monria mob could drop a different tome/artifact (rare of course) that would open different difficulty level instances. I am assuming adding an instance would be easier than adding more permanent space to the moon map (could be wrong, I just play the game).

the instances could be like a new area has been "excavated" on Monria. Each one could be a different theme.

One instance could be used to find an old steampunk Tesla style lab with a mad scientist boss that drops steampunk armor, steampunk weapons, steampunk clothes, steampunk robot pet, steampunk aircraft, etc.

One of the instances could be a Yog super queen hive, fight your way down as a team and defeat the queen to keep the yog population from exploding. Maybe have a cool melee weapon drop that is a queen yog claw/tooth, etc.

One of the instances could be a cultist ritual lair where you have to make it to the end and stop the cultist head priest from summoning Cthulhu and drop some theme related weapon (cultist claw, cultist, amulet or something Mind Force related).

One instance could be a final boss type of instance. creepy dark dungeon, creepy water areas you have to swim through, puzzles and a shade or projection of Cthulhu boss.

Bosses in each instance could have a higher chance to drop the unique Monria armor or some new unique gear to hunt or have some unique clothes to collect like the Arkadia smuggler clothes.

Maybe it is all a little more complicated then all that but I think it would add some fun team dynamics, guided hunt instances for new players and could help expand the story physically with a new "dungeon instance". They could be done in a story fashion that would explain why you have to do it again. Mad scientist is back, A new yog Super queen, those darn cultist are at it again and the shade of Cthulhu is getting restless again.

anyways, keep up the good work!


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I love that you gave so much thought to your suggestions, quite impressive. :thumbsup

The only thing I can say at this point is that we have a very interesting development path that will be revealed over time.

Not having our own level designers or graphical artists, we work with MA's team. This means not only getting on their calendar, but also determining what the costs will be. Everything we add is an extra cost.

The one thing you can be sure of is, that our development will always be blended with our official storyline in some form. Also, everything is done with a purpose. Ant doesn't want to add content just to add content. It has to mean something.

Ant also sets development priorities according to what's needed, and I know right now part of his focus is on new player development and completing a progressive mission chain, especially since we are no longer giving out the starter kits.

There is exciting development to come ... it's just a matter of timing. :)

As a side-note ... instances would work well on Monria, but as you surmised, or guessed, they are a little complex and very involved with regard to graphical and other variables. Which is not to say that it would never happen, but again, it's a matter of timing and cost.

We have already implemented some of the suggestions over the past 4-1/2 years, and while all won't get implemented, there are some we keep on the back burner for when the time is right. :)
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