Dz - A Fruit Baron in the making


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An eerie Cave 1 entrance silence was suddenly interrupted by teleporter pad coming to life, as it started to buzz and light up, a shape made its humanoid form in the middle of it. It was Luke Mercer, also known as Dzeous or Dz for short. He was seemingly spat out in a second, as he landed on his both feet and exhaled loudly.
- Ugh, no matter how many times I do it, I can never get used to it. - said Dz. He grunted once more and slightly shook his head.
It took a moment for his eyes to adapt to a new dim light produced by the pad, as he glared down the cave, which was seemingly endless. There was no other avatar in sight, nor he expect anyone there at this early hour of the night, but you never known, Sachem Ursa sends everyone here to eradicate shoggoths, as their population rarely dwindle due to their re-production rate and everyone gets rewarded with a golden daily token, which was a solemn Dz's interest. As he adjusted to his new environment, he took his rifle off his shoulder and inspected it, sometimes teleportation would mess with his weapon and it would malfunction, a single laser blast into cave crevice would ensure him that the gun is working as it should.

He stretched out, standing on the tip of his toes and extending his arms up above the head, as he kicked his legs into movement and started to jog down the path. It would be a rare occasion for you to see an avatar walking, everyone in this universe was used to always move faster. He hummed a silent melody, while following the main path leading deep into the cave. It wasn't his first rodeo, he knew what awaits ahead of him, but you can never anticipate what lies before you. As he was about to reach his favorite spot, for a minor moment his eyes locked onto something, something that usually ain't there, at least not in the middle of main path.
It was a big, ripe and plump papplon, sitting in the middle of the path. Dz quickly made his way to it, it was a rare occasion to find something so precious just laying there for the taking on highly traversed path. He thought highly of these fruits, rumors say they have magical benefits for your health, due to their longevity. You could separate this plant of its roots and it wouldn't decompose, no matter where you'd store it.
- Jackpot. - Dz muttered to himself, as a wide smirk crossed his face.

He dumped his rifle beside him and took his backpack off, quickly looking inside of it and locating what he wanted. A knife inside of its holster. A keen eye could notice a little inscription on the handle ''Bukin's Blade''. He unsheathed it and set the tip of the blade by the stem of papplon and cut it with a single, precise motion. He made sure that the papplons roots are intact, with a hope that maybe it will regrow there someday. Most fruits around universe can appear seemingly out of nowhere, this is another benefit of the growth spur these plants posses.

As he carefully packed the papplon into his backpack, he felt a presence of an entity and he froze in place. While he was busy packing up, a Shoggoth Shapeshifter sneaked up and was ready to engage Dz. As he was about to strike Dz's reflexes kicked in and he dodged the attack, grabbing his rifle and firing two shots straight at facial area of the creature. Shoggoth succumbed to his injuries, yet Dz shot one more control shot, ensuring that kill was made.
He snapped his fingertips and flames started to take shape around his hand, forming an orb of fire in his palm, he used the light of it to inspect the body of shoggoth and noticed something.
- My oh my, this is my lucky day! - He whispered.

He saw two clean patches of shoggoth skin hanging and used his knife to quickly cut them off and proceeded to attach it to his backpack. He wiped the blade into a cloth and took a moment to secure his inventory. A sight of relief came out of his mouth, as he once again armed himself with the rifle and went down into the abyss of Shoggoth's growls.

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Got inspired to write this little story by the abnormal sizes of fruit I'm lucky to locate on Monria lately.
p.s I did proof read it but if somebody locates my error of human ways, do let me know


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I love when community members are inspired to write about their adventures, nice job Dz. I hope others get inspired and do the same. :)
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Fixed few words to my liking and just wanted to say thanks to people who've read it thus far, you're inspiring me to write and develop my skills more, it's really heart warming.


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Wow I love this story, really nicely written and a lovely read. I can't wait to hear more from you....pppplease :hi
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