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Are you supposed to get the elder blessing from the 3 waves that are NOT at the shrine?
According to the vu notes you don't.
I did get new elder blessing completing each of the 3 waves.
You can check here
25min in i get a new buf on completion
1h 3min in it gets renewed at another of the 3 waves
1h 33 min 35 sec its gets renewed again on completion of the 3rth wave.

mm video link doesnt work
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I did not see it in the VU release notes either for the 3 dynamic events inside the mountain area, but since MoM went live we've been getting the Elder Blessing stacks of 5% skill boost for each of the 4 events.

I will need to double check tomorrow, but I think is a 10 stack for completing tier 3 for the 3 dynamic events inside the mountain and a 20 stack for completing tier 3 at the Shrine. It seems appropriate to me that the Elder Blessing boost is available for completing any of the dynamic events.

Although, if I could make a suggestion, it should be increasing amounts for each by difficulty.

For example:
- Shoggols event - max 5 stack. (25% boost)
- Zokaraneus event - max 10 stack. (50% boost)
- Tegunestene event - max 15 stack. (75% boost)
- Shrine - as is with the 20 stack. (100% boost)
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