Embracing the Cthulhu mythos with the Stream

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  • 1. A Sense of Eeriness

  • 2. A more Sinister Tone

  • 3. Halloween Special Encore

  • 4. Easy Listening

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I love, love, love the live Stream on Monria, it's always refreshing to come back and hear a selection of eclectic hits, most of them from the 80s or 90s. I'm not about to suggest changing that because I know there are quite a few Monria regulars that love it as well.

However last year around this time I started wondering if it might be under-utilized though, and what began with a cursory look through some of my own music collection eventually evolved to a full-on research project on the internet to find some inspiration and ideas of some 'on-theme' music and songs that could be cool to hear on Monria. Unfortunately I was working a lot back then and just didn't have the time to finish this, but over the last couple of weeks I've been working hard on it and this is what I've come up with thus far.

First I just want to be clear that I think the eclectic music needs to stay, lots of people love it and it's refreshing I think so I'm not proposing to replace it with the music below. My idea is just to add a few tracks here and there to the stream so that every 2 or 3 hours, you hear something a little bit mysterious or ominous (or maybe even something frightening, especially during Halloween), which would serve to remind people of the real nature (theme) of the place where they are, a few steps away from where evil lurks, just below, perhaps it's in the Cave system, perhaps it's in the walls, or perhaps it's already inside them....

So here's some specific ideas of things I think it might be cool to hear every once in a while on Monria.

Let's start lightly, with songs that sound a bit spooky, that suggest to the listener a note of caution, beware, there may be danger here..

1. A Sense of Eeriness
Agent Orange - Depeche Mode
Motherboard - Daft Punk
Bad Stone - Crystal Method
Pontiac - Sasha
Bleed - Deadmau5
Take me into your Skin - Trentmoller
Dreams - nuages
Teardrop - Massive Attack

Next let's explore some tracks a bit more ominous, that clearly convey: 'There is evil nearby' ...

2. A more Sinister Tone
Blood in the Streets - Trentmoller
Errors in my Bread - Deadmau5
Detour - Sasha
Arahas - Ten Walls
Gula - Deadmau5
Anvil - Lorn
The Way - Zack Hemsey

It's possible to get even darker, in fact, but somehow I don't think we'd want to hear that year round, so if any of these were to be used, I'd recommend it only during Halloween or special occasions.

3. Halloween Special Encore (terrifying, because you know, it's Halloween after all)
Miste - The Haxan Cloak
Resident Evil theme - Marylin Manson
Wolf eyes - Asbestos Youth

And I think it's important to keep it light and fun so I also have some more mainstream songs that just sound a little spooky and I think could very easily be added to the stream.

4. Easy Listening (more mainstream but on-theme and/or spooky)
Cover me - Depeche Mode
Mysterons - Portishead
Help Me! - Timo Maas
Then she bit me - DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince
Somebody's Watching me - Rockwell

I had a lot of fun while working on this, I spent many nights on youtube just going from song to song and analyzing sounds to determine if something made me feel sad, scared or just depressed. A found out that most of the ominous music is rather slow, and so it sometimes crosses over into something that just sounds depressing, so it's quite an art to make music that is just truly menacing and sinister. I discovered that Hans Zimmer is actually pretty good at this, I really like his song Sea Wall which he made for Blade Runner 2049 (at the 6:12 mark I get chills every time), but decided not to include it here because I was afraid it might be too recognizable and/or it might not be a good fit for the Monria stream.

Tell us which section above you prefer:
1. A Sense of Eeriness
2. A more Sinister Tone
3. Halloween Special Encore
4. Easy Listening

For me I'd say "1. A sense of Eeriness" is where it's at, something mysterious, unusual, at times it sounds like it could be dangerous, but lets the listener decide, transports him or her to a strange world... But I swear I can hear the call of Cthulhu in Gula...

EDIT: Moved Arahas by Ten Walls to section 2. A more Sinister Tone, I think it actually fits there better than in section 3.
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I haven't listened to all of the tracks yet, just the first group. I like the first 4 tracks and the last one. I'll get to the other groups and tracks as I can, but wanted to share something quite unique that I discovered while listening to the tracks.

It's a must to watch the whole video ... I love science. :jumpclap



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I passed the thread link on to Ant and he said that he will see if he can source the tracks. Not sure how soon that will be, but he's going to look into it. :)


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Totaly mesmerizing if that the right word.. watched it over and over and the behind scene.. Amazing for sure :)
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