Find The Missing Chapters Bug


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Yes for find the missing chapters there is an issue

A few years back we were told when the mission came out a reward was to follow..

So I worked on the mission...

I left for a bit and came back...
I see the horns as reward only issue is i looted chapter 2 before and there is NO tick for me having completed it..... BTW i have 2 chapter 1s, 1 chapter 2, and 2 chapter 3s as i was able to find them again and the copy is obviously from before...
Is there any way to credit me for that missing chapter 2?
My chapters are currently in storage on Monria for you to check.
I do have ticks for 1 and 3 as i found them again but it would totally suck if im forced to find chapter 2 again as I did this already in the past thanx.... Squeaks!


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You will need to raise a ticket with support for this as only Mindark has access to update in game data.
You must have looted the chapter yourself though and not traded for it, so having one is sadly not definitive proof of looting one.
Duplicate chapters happen, got some myself, also still looking for Chapter 4.
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