Fire Dbug Fly and RJ Rob Collab - 2 Stage Event - Scavenger Hunt + Hide & Seek Game - Intro Thread!


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Hello Fellow Entropians!

There is Collaboration between RJ rob and Myself to have ourselves some Community Style events right here on Toulan!

1st Event - Dbug's "Scavenger Hunt" Starting May 19th 10:00 UTC and Ending May 26th Ending 20:00 UTC
2nd Event - "Hide and Seek" Starting May 26th 18:00 UTC time and end time May 26th 21:00 UTC

Events Links

To Share this Event USE:

Dbug's Event Link
RJ's Event Link

" /join #toulan_games "

Follow this thread to receive notifications about updates to these Events

~Dbug + RJ Rob

Join the Fire Dbug Fly's Server Discord Server! ~ Dbug's Discord
Join the DreamRJ - Chill Zone! Discord Server! - RJ's Discord​
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