First Wormhole used to transport group to the Shrine Event


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On Saturday, I saw that a group had planned to do the Shrine event at Mountain of Madness and was gathering at the Larches Green TP. I insta-ported over and joined them while they were getting everyone together. It was a nice sized group and I thought it would be a good time to use my Official Wormhole Chip to transport them all at once to the Shrine location.

I found a spot near the Larches Green TP where I could activate the wormhole, and then managed to get Crux to be my wormhole receiver after Shadow and Dea weren't readily available. I had found a spot near the Shrine where mobs wouldn't aggro because the event had already been triggered. The wormhole worked perfectly.

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The Shrine was in Reclaim the Shrine mode, which means they only had 2 phases to do before the event was over, and there were a few lower level players present, so that meant it might be difficult to get them over the line, but ... this group exhibited the best teamwork effort I've seen yet while doing the Shrine. They worked very well together and with a strategy to get everyone to Tier 3 Contribution @100% even before they moved on to phase 2. They held back killing all of the Leader Cultists and kept them to the side while killing the regular Cultists, and were successful at getting everyone their Tier 3 @100% ...

After those who had reached their Tier 3 @100%, they stopped shooting and were healing those who hadn't reached it yet. I helped during the first phase by resurrecting and healing those who died so they didn't have a long way to run back. I can't heal players while engaged in combat with mobs, but can heal after resurrecting them. It went quite well. I had to leave after the first phase, but I knew everyone was in good hands.

Crux had sent me a message that everyone received their Elder Gods Suit, so that was fantastic ... a job well done.

I'm hoping more groups decide to do this event, as well as the 3 inside the mountain to also get the Shub Spine, and if I know enough ahead of time, I'll do my best to be present when I can. I have a pretty heavy workload, so it's not going to be as frequent.

I enjoyed sharing time with the group.
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