Free half-way Monria Drop Off Services (MDOS)

Sholle Von Cartiz

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Well today out of fun the new creative services was born :)

Service include:

Quad/sleipnir ride from Caly to half-way to Monria then butt kick and whallaa you are on Monria :p
The drop (butt kick) zone is [58972, 76800, 163]
There will not be any fee and anyone can do it just for fun! :)

here is a pic of my first butt kicking - E8ty2nd :D

Thank you for flying with MDOS :cute

PRINT SCREEN 2016-01-01 15-25-18.jpg


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OMG, I can't stop laughing, that is hilarious. Poor 82nd.

I guess as long as the butt-kick gets you where you want to go, why not. :p


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So what exactly happens, you remove them from guest list and they blow up like Commander Chodes Dark Clown friend and rezz back in the space station?


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I believe you just eject passenger when you cross into a new revive terminal zone. Then the player revives at the space station.
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