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We will run on Saturday 23rd February 2019 at 19:00 Game Time.

So with the increase in new players I have decided to add another Full Cave TP Run.

I am going to look at doing this before the BIG St Patrick's Day event.

Couple of things.

1 - I would like to know who is interested in getting the TP's (players who DO NOT have them).
Storm Red Keep

2 - Volunteers to help if people get lost or disconnect.
Dark Moon Enigma

3 - Date you would like to run - These are my availability even if short notice.
23rd February 2019

4 - Time of start
19:00 Game Time

Please all meet up at the Cave 1 TP at approx 18:45 so we can get started as soon as possible. If low numbers it may take a while so please be prepared.


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Great idea Sith, the cave runs are always fun and it helps those to get the TPs that they don't already have. I would be available to support the effort during the run on any of the days, except the days that are closer to our event because I will be involved with Ant to get all of the details of our event sorted. It's our biggest event and requires more effort.

One thing ... Friday, Feb 8th is a travel schedule day. :)


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i'm excited...can we do this ASAP? XD
I pick this date Saturday, 23rd February 18:00 Game Time
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Sith Meister

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We are still going ahead with this, however, we are having some really bad connection problems at the minute and have very limited internet access. Hopefully it will all be sorted by tonight.

Should this cause us a problem and we cannot make it I will make sure we set up another run ASAP.


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