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This section has no entry yet, so maybe it be a good place to share my occupations on Toulan.

I landed here and i think it has been comfirmed i was about to spend some time here.

Ill try to make a point on my past year in this post, and then i will carry on a normal rate, sharing my experiences in this blog.

First landing - as a propper noob.

This was me on Cyrene right before settling down on Toulan.

I visited once Toulan before, as i made a turn around the universe, stopped on Cyrene to craft a few Enkidd.S1 as it was the Best gun i could use and easily produce in mass (i was ~1month old) and then packed to Toulan, as it badly caught my eyes.

My panel of guns was very simple, ARK-R - Enkidd.S1 L, armor was Bodyguard and Turrelion mixed with ARC guardian - a real puny hunter!

I did the storyline first to discover keypoints, the areas, mobs ressources. You first loot all your gear right away on Toulan on your first hunt runs, so i carried on with Salafas G1, Shayebs, and so on.

Straight away after my Greeting post in here, i got invited by Miles in his achievement to build a propper Toulan society, which i been delighted to be part of, and he taught me (still do) a lot, and we shared a lot of experiences ever since.

Discovered the Toulan richess

Now after a bit, i saw all those fancy hides i was gathering, and Miles shown me what could be done with all this.
I got new hair done, Miles made me some fancy clothes, and i started to get my own identity :rolleyes:


While i started to be able to fight my way further, i then been able to explore some new areas of the planet.
And yes, i do have my share of fun, even when alone on Toulan.

First rewards

Absolutly random, but what an exitment...
My first and only HoF as we speak, early a year ago, made on Toulan.

Some nice discoveries, those ones that you achieve by working hard, and makes you feel special..

Seeing Toulan growing

Toulan saw me growing, but i also seen growing Toulan..
Meeting fancy peoples all throught the events, VUs, just so super nice!

So much more coming....

Im only a year old in Entropia Universe, and soon is my Toulan Birthday.
I have been throught a lot, and there is so much coming soon!

I am slowly achieving my goals, my skills are rising, i changed my ming so many times, but in the end, this journey is just EPIC!

As for a year old baby, i am now level 44 im my main profession, Plasma.
But i redirected into melee, as i am happy with my ranged skills for now, and i will try to ring the Lv.100 bell throught melee.
This is one of my many goals in Entropia, and i know Toulan fits perfectly my goals.

Thank you for reading, i will try to keep up some logs here and there, of my random life on Toulan :)

Be safe,
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