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Hello Toulan,

I thought of doing condensate guidance for new starters and visitors doing their first steps on Toulan.

I started this game 18 months ago, mostly hunt, and landed on Toulan very early when I decided to have a look around the universe.

I think I was ~Lv.5 hunting when I arrived here, I could hardly kill a Sunjoq.

I stayed on the planet for over a year and still am here most of my time, so I grew up on Toulan.

Here is a little Résumé of activities developed across the planet.

Keypoints on Planetg Toulan

What to do on Toulan ?

Toulan is a wasteland which has been ravaged by the war centuries ago.

Its population has mutated overtime and the vilest creatures will jump on you on sight, and if you find a clear and safe enough area, you might be able to mine for some useful resources, and the use hunting and mining resources to craft new items, or trade those resources for funding your next moves.


- Storyline
The first person you will meet on landing on Toulan, at the Citadel gate is Salam.

He will direct you toward another person and you will get started in Toulan exploration, and involved in the troubles, and the rewards that come with.

You will be involved in every profession available in game as for hunting, mining and crafting.

It is extremely well realised, and will push nicely to go through the basics of the game.

All hunting, mining and crafting can easily be realised by using the basic tools available at the Trade Terminal, found at any safe service area.

- Quwa Challenge

You will meet Mofta in Guardian Village.

Quwa Challenge is a long term hunting mission that will require lot of time and patience to complete.

They are 5 stages for each mission, and a mission for each creature on Toulan.

You get a skills reward every time you complete a stage, and the next stage will require a even harder work to be completed, but the reward bigger.

Skills determine what makes you stronger, so while naturally growing in strength by doing everything and anything, the Challenges will reward you with a little skills bonus.

- Daily Hunting Missions

While Quwa challenges are endurance missions, there are also daily missions all over Toulan.

The first dailies can be found by the fisherman; by west gate of the Village, and Secondary Daily is dispatch on key points of the map.

They are all cumulative so Quwa + Daily1 + Daily 2 will make your hunt sessions more rewarding than anywhere else, on a daily basis.

Here is a MAP of the daily mission locations
Toulan_map daily.JPG

- Mining Challenge

Just like the Quwa challenge for hunter, I think, we have a mining challenge, that will require a certain amount of finds of certain materials, and reward you mining related skills once completed; found in Al-Nahar City.

I’m not a miner at all so I will stay a bit blurry here, to avoid my ignorance turning into a lie.

- Tame a Tabtab

By the west gate of Village are some puny Tabtab that are only asking to follow you.

You will need a whip to tame them and make them become you follower.

Tabtabs can be spawn on other planet after reaching Lv.7

- Exploring Baydar, Qaydar and Shaamdar ruins

One of the new fantastic features on Planet Toulan is that, by naturally hunting you will put together Cards parts.

I recommend to get all the cards missions a soon as possible as the counter need to be filled to satisfy Mr.Salhoob located Dam Cliffs Outpost [133959, 95103].

I met him before I can tell he’s a paranoid and I think he will refuse any card parts that you didn’t acquire under his blessing. Maybe he think your cards acquired out of his command are false or something, but he will just not be happy with them. Trading cards and acquiring more before or after the mission is active will make Mr.Salhoob grumpy and he will refuse to take them.

So I advice you get this mission as soon as possible.

Once you put together the correct card parts, Mr.grumpy will require more from you and make up a recipe of ingredients he need to assembly the card parts together to recreate the full completed card.

Now the card is done, grumpy feet gets rid of you and send you to another person to gain access to either Baydar, Qayadar or Shaamdar.

Those ruins contain some hidden treasure from Toulan, ancient Narian technology ~ But you will have to go through some ancient creatures to reach the treasure room.

- CUHOF Caves

Another unique feature of Toulan are the hidden Caves.

Filled of treasures, those caves can be achieved either in Team or alone.

To open the door to a cave is not just a matter of shouting “Open Sesame” and dive in stacks of gold.

Nah the reality is a bit grimmer. You will need to get a Key infused with Nawa.

Free keys can be obtained daily to run the beginner instances by talking to NPC and realising the tiny mission.

To run the bigger instances, you will need a CUHOF key 01. This key is a crafted item when the Blueprint to craft it can be found by the Technician Jeef in service areas.

By crafting those keys you will get higher keys blueprints.

The higher the cave number, the higher difficulty, the higher the prize.

- Nawa Temple


Nawa is the main resource of Toulan.

Every single Narian item will require some Nawa to be operated.

This natural resource can only be found by the Temple, located south, but the Insians standing by the Temple became a bit nut by standing too long drinking the Nawa and will probably attack you.

Nawa is the cause of the war that ravaged the planet centuries ago, so expect the same fate if you venture there.

You will have to fight for your Nawa.

- Duel areas

There is two duellist areas across Toulan where players can unsafely satisfy their anger to each other by the force.

While this is more a honourable fighting area than the Temple, which is a wild non-regulated area, the rings can be used to train, develop your playerVSplayer techniques, learn how to move and react under stressing situations..

Those rings are pretty small compared to an open air area, so considered melee oriented, but is extremely good to work out your ranged aim under stress.

- Event manager

The event manager on Toulan is located on the south west island by Sandy Shore.

It is possible to create a planet event by him, assigning a date and rewards, conditions and all this stuffs.

I never used any anywhere personally but I know Miles was eager to try it so we might come up with something in future.

- Boss waves

While you can get familiar and comfortable with Toulan creatures overtime, the Mommy and Daddy of those can come and remind you how vile and dangerous Toulan is.

Boss waves are composed of … 5 stages if my memory is good, and then a Boss.

Boss waves will time out if the mobs are not killed fast enough.

A mission chain exist for those waves, and this is the next point.

- Catch Karmoosh

Karmoosh Latif is a tricky Tabtab.

Its quest is located in Al~Nahar and will require a powerful team to be completed.

Your team will need to go through the 5 boss waves and successfully complete them.

At the end you will be given a waypoint where Karmoosh is now feeling safe and showing up for a very limited time.

There you can go and tame as many Karmoosh as you can before it goes and hide again.

Karmoosh Latif can be spawn on other Planet after reaching Lv.7.

Its buff is not definitive and under rework.

NOTE=> The quest holder needs to deal 51% damage on the bosses to tick the quest and get it valid.

-Crafting Stuffs

As I mentioned many times, on Toulan we do everything by ourselves.

We are on a small Planet so there is hard place for industrial traders.

Some of you will mine, some of you will hunt, some of you will craft, some of you will do all them three.

Crafting your acquired resources will keep you busy for your long winter nights, when you used all your ammos and dropped all your probes, and that you are restricted to eat potatoes until the Sun is back.

The more you craft, the more Blueprints (BP) you loot, the better Items you can realise.

A crafting session is part of the storyline to teach you how the basics work, and I personally witnessed a Global on the storyline crafting session.

- Trading

When starting on Toulan you will loot your first gear pretty early, as for first pistols and armour parts.

While growing up, you will reach the level where you can hunt bigger.

Bigger creatures are more aggressive, and stronger, you will need bigger armours and weapons.

There will mostly have higher hunters than you on Toulan, who will be able to loot or craft the item you need.

And you possibly are in possession of items that hunter/crafter covet.

Fair trading is a good way to go on Toulan, as for a small planet, we all work together.

For different mob is different damage types, so you will need different armours for example.

Your mentoring armour will not cover Toulan creatures damage types.

A hunter maybe does not mine, or does not hunt small creatures any more, so maybe you can find a fair arrangement by trading items, rather then buying/selling.

This way I favourite for two reasons. We get to meet each other and learn about each other, share. And most people will sell their loot at Trade Terminal thinking no one wants anything.

So rather than getting rid of loots quick to recycle PEDs, it could be wiser to try and trade for items you need.

It is also a solution to Auction or export your resources, but this will involve you an Auction fee or fuel/landing cost with a non-guaranteed sale any way.

So think of best way to recycle your loots; local trading is the way I personally go.

- Exploring


Because it is nice to stop and have a look around. This will cost you nothing but your time to explore and seek new spot to enjoy the amazing view of Toulan.

I would reefer to the forum thread HERE started by Miles, which clearly shows the beauty of the planet.

- More to Come

Planet Toulan is now 3 years old. The year of 2016 has been very productive with two major updates including new instances and new items.

Considering the Planet still developing, if 2017 is as productive as 2016 it will be amazing.

This thread will be updated as time goes.

Enjoy your time on Toulan~~



Nice Guide. Will add a link to it from the growing Link List over on PCF.

I'd like to susggest you add some info on TPs and Revives. I have not spent a ton of time on Toulan, but did go there to graduate to get the armor a while back. (I sort of consider Toulan as my avatar's personal Dagobah experience)

As far as beauty of landscape goes I love Toulan more than any other planet in the Entropia Universe. However, since the community is so small, it's easy to get lost, etc. Add in the fact that the vehicles don't work and it can be quite intimidating to live here on a regular basis for extended periods of time, even if you do have a tp chip (had to give in and buy one off another planets auction while I was here when my L version tp chip gave out).

Some of the NPCs can be a bit hard to find... Also, there's at least two Cities (buildings with terminals) on the East side of the map that don't have TPs really but do have revives. Those are a bit tideous and irritating to manuever around in especially at night as they are near steep clifffs, one wrong step and you are back at the revive... doesn't help that some descent sized mobs are at the bottom of the hills waiting to chew up your armor.

I'd like to spend more time on Toulan, but since there's no apartments to store my stuff, I probably won't be back for extended periods of time until there's some estate to buy to house the stuff. (Currently I usually am on Rocktropia, Calypso, or Monria where I have apartments - love having the estate to house stackables since it makes it more 'real' moving the items around on shelves, floors, etc. instead of having them in a virtual storage terminal where it's far to easy to just TT it all... )

A consolidated 'guide' for Toulan similar to the one for Rocktropia is desperately needed... Hope this will grow in to that eventually.

P.S. Do you have stats or info on the health of the mobs for the Karmoosh Latif mission, and/or the info on the stats on Karmoosh Latif itself? i.e. how much damage do you got to throw at all of those waves to get it tameable, and once it it opens up what level is the tameable critter? Would suck to go through all that hassle only to find you aren't high enough taming level to do it.
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Hello Mastermesh :)

I can provide most of this informations and will have a look at Rocktropia consolided guide to try a similar approach if it is of any help.

I didnt do all the waves myself but it is a plan i have for the future. I take it one step at a time, but definitly will get those informations sooner or later.

Most of our knowledge of the planet is reported in real time on Toulan.Wikia, but indeed a consolided guide would be easier to go throught.

Will try to put pieces together overtime and will let you know when is ready :)

Thank you lots for your consideration and your opinion/approach, which matters and helps a lot.

Super Post, Eleni, thank you.:)

I hope you do not mind, but I would like to provide other players with a link to this post with the Spreadsheet I am doing on Toulan, similar to my Cyrene Spreadsheet.

Wishing everyone Good Luck, Globals, Hofs, Ubers and Aths,

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