Global logging on EL volunteers needed

Heidi Stassinopolis

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After some chat today with Hally and FireFist we need to do an experiment.

Hally thinks it takes 7 players running EL tracker to register globals on Entropia Life.

I always run it so will 6 more volunteers step up or regular Toulanies tell is if you run the tracker client?

Lets get Toulan globals on EL and them maybe more will come...


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also, keep in mind w/e the "designated" amount i've heard 3ppl need it but, ive also heard 7 so, idk but, that many ppl would have to be on constantly for it to work if it does work. I hope it works though we gotta get Kinkie in on it since he seems to be a good constant he has a lot of logged time on Toulan so, it would help also, when i see him next ill msg him see if we can get him :p I just thought id mention just because we're running it doesnt mean we have enough ppl at that given time to register the globals just simply due to population and what everyone else is doing. It would be nice to see though id assume it would help drive traffic to Toulan.

Also, would be nice to know if Dsec would also, count as "on" Toulan? for this EL tracker might also, be another experiment?

Littlestar b-k

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I always run the tracker ,its even running now as it starts up with windows. I'm not playing alot atm tho.
I have tested this in the past with 5 people running this and that didn't work.
If you are able to set a time that isn't during the night for me i'd be happy to log on and leave the game open so you can test all you want.

Miles Stardust

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Tracker has always sort-of worked on Toulan, but some aspects have never worked. The main issue has always been too-few players running tracker to catch globals - only universal HOF's (all kinds) get recorded. With the big update last December, and massive increase in players, globals were being well-recorded for a while, but as things settled down coverage dropped, first in off-hours, and then all but really busy times, and then not much at all.

However, there are a couple of other things to test that never worked. I've reported these before, and they are on Ant's endless (I'm sure) to-do list. Since they may be things that EL had to fix, would be good to test.)

1) Toulan-specific ore and ematter Globals and HOF's were never recorded (even Towers)
2) When you were on Toulan, and went to EF, you show you as offline (As soon as you leave Space and enter Toulan, your location in EL would swtich to Offline)

As a player who mostly lived on Toulan since it was discovered, I have a very odd (and incomplete) Tracker history :D

Peace, Miles


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Toulan does not even show up on the planet list on tracker for the last week. I had it running the whole time and it does not even show that 1 person is running it.
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