Guide / Budget Tactics for finishing Citizenship progress


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Hello everyone, I just want to share a new method for progressing faster and cheaper than ever before in the Citizenship Mission.

While it's said that the only factor in your progress is your damage output, this is now proven to be entirely inaccurate.
I had 5 society members all participating in their first Toulan Monthly Event and starting their Citizenship mission for the first time.
Due to our timezones we all couldn't play at the same time but shared information between each other.

Two of them pumped over 2,000 ped into grinding event mobs entirely solo with very high DPS weapons. After pumping over 2k ped they were barely maybe 5 to 10 percent in the progress.
Meanwhile i was already at about 35% while only had spent about 150 ped. We were all shocked by the massive discrepancy between our progress bars.
We soon figured out that damage output has absolutely no contributing factor, or at least very little contributing factor into your progress bar moving.

So i started testing it more in depth, I went to the main area outside Guardian Village where multiple people were solo hunting the event mobs and i got in the middle of them all.. I then proceeded to just shoot all their mobs 1 or 2 times each as they would aggro them.
Which means i was getting credit for more mobs dying per minute than anyone else who is solo hunting and killing 1 mob at a time while burning more ammo.

Unfortunately my timezone didn't align with peak player times so i was limited on how many hunters were out there and how many player's mobs i would be able to shoot.
I only had time for about 4 or 5 hours both days of the event yet still hit almost 70% in my progress bar in only this 1 single event.
However 1 of my society members managed to finish his entire citizenship progress in this 1 single weekend using my method and thanked me for saving him loads of ped.
This method is so effective i thought i had to share it for future Avatars working toward Toulan Citizenship.

Below you will find a short video loop of this method so you can visually see how it was done. (Keep in mind i was playing at off times due to my timezone and there wasn't even many other people hunting near me, but i still managed to tag multiple event mobs and gain progress from other player's hunts)
If you got on at peak time and were able to tag even more than i was in the video then you would be able to finish the Citizenship in 1 single event while spending very minimal ped !

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