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First of All -- Welcome to Planet Toulan

Mentors are other players with more experience who have chosen to guide new players and teach the ins and outs of Entropia. As the universe is a very large and in-depth environment, this assistance helps new players navigate their own experiences as they progress with developing their avatar. Most Mentors enjoy helping new players, and also enjoy building bonds and new friendships.

However, there are a few who do not offer Mentoring for the right reasons, and the following information will help you to choose a good Mentor that will be of benefit and guide you through your experiences.

There are huge advantages to going through a Discipleship with a good Mentor:
  • social advantages that allow you to meet other new and veteran players and make new friends
  • you gain knowledge early on that can help you avoid costly decisions
  • ----- (skills vs equipment, mobs for your level, how to craft, mine and hunt efficiently, etc.)
  • you'll get to know the surroundings more quickly
  • ----- (mobs, TP locations, missions, best sweating areas, other important locations, etc.)
  • you'll get to learn the ins and outs of the economy more quickly
  • ----- (Toulan shops, auction house, private trading and good locations for such, fruit and stone gathering, etc.)
  • you will skill faster with a good Mentor and the knowledge you gain from them
  • most Importantly, a good Mentor will introduce you to the Fun Factor
  • ----- (events, team hunts, various activities, parties, and so much more) :)

How to Choose a Mentor that Works for You
We created a section for potential Toulan Volunteer Mentors to create their own threads in order to introduce themselves and share their information with regard to their mentoring qualifications. This will help you make a choice that will benefit your experiences.

Keep the following in mind when reviewing the Toulan Volunteer Mentors List information:
  • check a Mentor's length of time in the game and their level of experience
  • check a Mentor's time-zone to make sure that your times are compatible
  • you can click on the . (period) key to show current Entropia time in the in-game chat window
  • check a Mentor's actual time in the game and how often so that you can coordinate times
  • check for comments by other Disciples with regard to their experiences with a listed Mentor
  • you can also check a Mentor's Rating in the game, as well as Graduated Disciples
  • you can add the relevant Mentoring icons to your desktop through your Action Library
  • ----- press the N key to open your Action Library
  • ----- press the L key to open the Edit Panel
  • ----- click on the keyboard icon on your Edit Panel to open your keyboard graphic
  • ----- you can then drag the two Mentor-related icons to your desktop

If there is someone on the Mentors List that you are interested in talking to, you can facilitate this by engaging in one of the following options:
  • send them a private message at the forum by clicking on their name and then Start Conversation
  • log into Entropia Universe and click on the U key to open your Contacts (Friends List)
  • at the top of your Friends List, click on Player Registry
  • type in the full avatar name of the person you would like to contact at the top left in Registry window
  • when their name appears, click on their name, and then Send Friend Request at the bottom right
  • once they have accepted your Friend Request, they will appear on your Friend List
  • ----- this will make it easier for you to communicate with them inside the game
  • ----- to initiate a private message, right click on their name, highlight Avatar and select Private Chat
  • ----- if they are not in the game, then highlight Avatar and choose to send a Chat Message
  • once you have connected, introduce yourself and let them know you're looking for a Mentor
  • let them know you chose them from the Monria Volunteer Mentors List at the forum and for what reasons
  • take some time to interview them further to get a feel for compatibility
  • if the two of you agree on a Mentor/Disciple relationship, either of you can initiate the process
Just in case things aren't working out well with your chosen Mentor, you have options:
  • if your Mentor only sends you to the crafting machine to grind the daily mission, and ...
  • doesn't take the time to teach you anything, or answer your questions, or spend any time with you ...
  • you have the option of changing Mentors
  • Things to be aware of when doing so:
  • if you drop your Mentor to go with another Mentor, your Disciple experience will start at 0% again
  • if you drop your Mentor, you have to do it before you reach 10% in your Disciple experience
  • if your percentage is higher, you will be locked into your current Mentor
You don't have to take on a Mentor to progress in the game, but it is more beneficial to have one-on-one guidance in addition to what you derive from the community for the best possible experience and outcome. A Discipleship is supposed to be a fun learning experience, so we hope you find that perfect Mentor.

Selling Your Sweat

Currently, there is no one dedicated to buying sweat on Toulan, but you can advertise in the Toulan trade channel to see if there is someone looking to buy sweat. Type the following in the chat channel to join the Toulan trade channel --> /join #trade_toulan ... see how others post their buy/sell/advertising messages. Crafters especially need sweat for some of the blueprints they craft.

When on Monria, it's best to use the Monria trade channel for now to advertise that you have sweat for sale. Avum used to have a sweat buying program but he has been away from the game for a while due to studies and work, and not sure when he'll be back.

Also, be sure to also ask questions in the Monria chat channel.

Type the following to join the Monrian chat channel and connect to Toulan's sister community --> /join #monria -- and for Monria trade --> /join #monriatrade

Here is a link to -- Avum's Sweat Buying Program to see what the program was about, and hopefully will be back in the future.


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:cheer HAVE FUN & Expect the Unexpected:cheer
This guide was created by @RosaRaine Buns and @Superraine raine r456 in an effort to help new players choose a Mentor that will be most effective for them. Unfortunately, Rosa and Raine are no longer active in EU but we thank them very much for taking the time to pull this guide together.


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