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Hello all, this post goes to VS dev team and anyone that cares to read, again this is all written with love and appreciation for the game, the hard work of the devs and in acceptance of the process, i fully acknowledge that i can be off, and maybe even on occation wrong :p

Toulan needs a bit of love, the DSEC updates has taken quite a lot of time and effort and i feel like Toulan is due, thers still stuff to do, but silly people like myself have been thru most of the content and i find myself wanting more, and doing less.

Baraka armor, the chase of getting these UL pieces are quite a challenge and i had a blast trying to be the first to get it, only to be taken over by the steady process of a snail(snatcher) In the form of the ever wonderfull Eleni, last we had the adition of the chance to have it turned into adjusted, which present some quite lovely stats and not least buffs, but this task has proven to be very very hard, the tintures seems to not be dropping and to my knowledge only a few (3 i belive ) upgrades has been made, i myself have run countless of cuhofs but not seen a single tinture for such. I hope the drop can be liberated more.

Neon thers so far a limited use for this and those of us that run the armor mission amass way to much, i hope we see another use of this, maybe just some textures ?

Event island ive been trying to make heads and tails from this, thers a massive spawn of small mobs, they different dam types and never players have a hard time hunting there, more advanced players dont have a good reason, and ive seen very few players use it, a mob selection bar or even single type mob would be an improvement in my book, also cutting trees is quite hard there since you get swamped all the time.

CUHOF Armor I really like this instance, its manageable, cool and the results are nice, but the needed resources are a bit to scarse for my liking using the qaz which is also used for the crossover mission and which is it seems capped in the drop size have resulted in quite high markups which means making the armor is less then ideal.

Monthly event, these had gone a bit stale and then the queens tasks came about, but given the nature where events come just before a VU i and others have ran out of quests quite fast. Maybe a even bigger longer lasting queen mission could be added ? Also the monthly event is fun, but at one point we saw the drop of ancient Jalid armor dropping, but these seems to have gone missing again, i suspect quite a few of us would love to collect a set if nothing else then for parading around in GV
Also i have heard from higher end players that used to go that they feel they lack a good reason to come hunt, in the form of a golden magic carrot in the loot :)

CUHOF they are as they are, but the one question i get all the time is how on earth do we get in ? could this be simplified ?

Mirsal now all the "cheaper" deeds are gone, thers the very high priced shops left, and shop equipment and some decorations, its my hope we will see more options here, would love the chance to buy armors, guns and such but also clothes, decorations and other novelty items could be quite sweet.

CUHOF plates ive managed to get myself a set, and they are nice, ive notised they are called 1, so i hope thers upgrade options in the pipeline

Local crafting options we still need more stuff to produce localy and we need something that could be universaly considdered good, anything would be good, furniture is nice but quite a limited crowd buys this, something thats spend and needs to be resupplied, the scopes are very nice, the mining amp is ok, but atm thats about it, we could especialy need something that uses mob parts.

boss mob id love to see some wave with progressive harder mobs that ends in a huge HP boss with AOE and drops that people would travel for, sorta like kongs and such or maybe even like hussk, maybe just a bit smaller

and again all with love and thank you for the hard work VS team, also maybe see my thread on dsec

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I have to agree with the Taqwa drop , so far only 3 have been found as there are 3 discoveries and noone seems to be selling any.

More uses for mob part? Hell yes.

More uses for Mirsal is also a very good idea. Maybe something like the Mirsal vendor could sell guns/amps/clothes similar to the daily token vendor. That might make it easier to sell mirsal and would certainly give me more incentive to go back into cuhof sinds i don't have to keep ped tied into loot that doesn't sell.

As always some good suggestions from Hally Baba ;)

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More uses for mirsal maybe a good idea as it's MU affects returns on cuhof ofc but the daily token are non tradeable unlike mirsal I think there must be a reason for this?? Maybe we want it to be more like Arkoin and the trader on Ark? But Arkoins have a much lower MU than mirsal so go figure??

I have a pile of qaz and I am sitting on it for when I want to do more armour runs lol

i fully acknowledge that i can be off
Please don't change mr grumpy :) x
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