have riding animals


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Cool idea. :cool:. Will definitely be different to the rest of Entropia, although a Hiryuu from Caly will fit more for the air travel. Will definitely lead to an increase in the taming market which has decreased heavily lately. And if Toulan can get this implemented for itself, it may be a nice boost for the planet economy...:)


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Hi there dreamers.

Mindark decides this. Not the planet partner.
(Feel free to ask planet Arkadia or Cyrene about Mechs) ;P
Except the planet partner pays huge sums of $ to MindArk, to make em think about it.

But nice there are stil people around in 2018, who have absolutely no idea of how planet partners are treated by MindArk.

Posting their dreams and visions on a dead forum, hoping that this planet will make a huge difference in this universe one day. Jesus...this is so sad.

Here are some history facts for you instead :

-We are waiting for rideable animals since 2005, when taming got introduced.

-The so called announced "Stage 2" of taming never arrived

-Taming even got completely removed in 2009...and re-introdued in 2014

-We have 2018 now...and people still hope for rideable mobs...on other planets then Calypso...

Sorry I shatttered your dreams. This will never happen.


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Hi McCormick,

Actually all posted dreams by Entropians can very much become a reality, since there's plenty of room for development on Toulan and other planets, using Entropia Universe game systems.

Take a look at the tons of variety activities that you can do in this open world sandbox gameplay, which can't be discounted just because there aren't fishing rods or taming mountable mobs yet (or because you've been playing for 20 years and got bored of everything), there's much that can be developed by using & building on these existing systems.

Keep an eye on Toulan, as we continue our goal to add value from our corner of the Universe.


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Hi Mohammed and thanks for the reply.

Im aware your goal is to add value to this universe. I never said the opposite. I bet you try hard.
And I hope you will be one of the planet partners, that will surprise me one day.

And I wish you and your company the best of luck, to be able to stay and make money inside of Entropia.
You will need it. (luck, that is)

And thank you, for not using the phrase "Leave the game if you dont like it".

So, lets start a discussion, shall we ?

Yes, there is so much that can be developed. Or lets say, it could be developed, but it wont be.
You simply cant just add what you want, as a planet partner. I guess you have realized that by now as well.

Limiting my "complaints" to non working-fishing rods and non-rideable mobs ? (which every other MMO has)
Assuming I just got bored of everything after 13 years of Entropia ?
Really ? -_-

Btw, any news about NAWA Operated vehicles...or NAWA at all ?
I eagerly wait for NAWA since its 1st announcements in 2014. THAT would made a difference to ALL planets already.
Else I dont really SEE a reason to travel to your planet right now.

I still play Entropia, but not 24/7 anymore. But I can play for free. I dont deposit anymore.
Im one of those guys who made it and who is actually unhappy, about the direction, this once, immersive MMORPG,
is drifting towards. In many aspects. But I dont stop playing and quit, instead I choose to raise my voice on the forum.
Communication, you know ? Communication...this thing MA never heard of.

I still do a lot of forum work and I uncovered a lot of dramatic stories, fails, lies and manipulation in this game.
I still report evil glitches, on a regular basis in this game and sometimes get rewarded with PEDs for it. I dont just do this for me and my ego, or to harm MA...but for the public, the community...to be aware, what might await them.

You are right, after 14 years a game might become, uhm, repetitive...especially if the developer promsied tons of variety, that actually never really arrived. Yet I still enjoy Pacman after 35 years. It never gets old and there is a goal.
I reached my goal inside of Entropia...beeing able to play for free.

I once loved this virtual world, now I just play it and enjoy historic chats about it or hunting oldskool mobs, doing mining and crafting as well.
For sure new players love Entropia as well...because, once I loved it too...thats not the problem.

Many ideas and systems deserved way more attention over the past 10 years, but they just "hang around" in idle mode, not beeing used...or developed any further, even if promised various times...and cost players and fortune already. For example, the CLD land plot system. Or, let me add Ressource Harvesting aka. Tree Chopping.

I bet you read other planet forums too, so I wont starting to throw my list into this forum...just to ad a big boring list.

Maybe you stumbled across my "blog" (list) as well...maybe not.

If you just SEE that as a list of a bored player, who only wants to do "harm" to a game developer, then you arent much different then those fanboys here. Like Spawn.

Spawn, who just shows up by handing a +Rep to Team Toulan, for facing McCormick with:

-You moan because there is no fishing-system and there arent any rideable animals...but there is so much
variety....that can be developed...

-You got bored of everything after 20 years of playing... *sigh*

I totally agree with your phrase " there's much that can be developed by using & building on these existing systems."

But I dont SEE this happen anytime soon. Knowing, game development takes time. Lots of time. Years. But for some of us, lifetime is limited on this planet ;) and Im afraid, some of us will never SEE any form of NAWA...or ride a mob in this game...or recieve any update on their CLD land plots...or SEE Compet becoming a huge success...shop decoration competition...Banking License...NASA, ESA, Education, Unemployment....Companies and Factories...Planet Partner Programm@Athena Spaceport...Refferal Links...Space misisons asteroid mining...president of virtual reality...DX12 update...Oculus Rift...a working, gigantic sports stadium...landing platforms on shops...cash card...ooops...sorry...sorry...that wasnt meant to happen. ,-)


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Limiting my "complaints" to non working-fishing rods and non-rideable mobs ? (which every other MMO has)
Assuming I just got bored of everything after 13 years of Entropia ?
Really ? -_-
Actually I was being playful stating that you're an older than dust player ;P , while also being factual that indeed being a veteran for so long does get boring/repetitive as you state, so please excuse me as I'm not maintaining an *official speaker* type of serious tone here, not to be misunderstood in any way as an attack on you.

Btw, any news about NAWA Operated vehicles...or NAWA at all ?
Toulanian vehicles haven't been introduced yet (Nawa radiation still prevails across the planet to operate any vehicle).
Nawa does exist today, it plays a major role in the planet's economy, and Toulan's current development priority is fixing and improving the economy.

If you just SEE that as a list of a bored player, who only wants to do "harm" to a game developer, then you arent much different then those fanboys here.
I don't dismiss any of your complaints or criticism points you mention, in fact I highly acknowledge and support them because criticism and feedback lead to change, they get pushed into development pipelines and get listed as priorities.

In my humble opinion, you're the No.1 Entropia fanboy, playing for so many years, closely engaged with the game since PE to modern EU, and reaching the point of being able to fully experience the game without depositing.

Raising your voice and criticizing, is actually caring to see positive outcome on the immersive Sci-Fi MMORPG we all love.

I totally agree with your phrase " there's much that can be developed by using & building on these existing systems."

But I dont SEE this happen anytime soon
I understand that you don't see it, and yes there has been shortcomings and broken promises, but I can tell you that MindArk and PPs are dedicated to keep enriching Entropia, and there's plenty of room for growth, that you'll hopefully see more of in the future.

Which leads me to wonder, as an older than dust Entropian vet, what is it that you miss seeing in Entropia?

I myself wonder sometimes, from a development path perspective, if the reminiscence of old PE times with its magic appeal, is just a nostalgia factor that belongs to a different past era of MMOs, or can it truly be recaptured into ongoing development and how can that be done.

if you've got a beef with Spawn or anyone else, please don't place us in between, you guys shoot it out at The Narian Temple.


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Hi and thank you for another reply.

In short, its the incomplete systems, the incomplete towns...so much depth and details went missing.
Since 2009. The missing communications got added on top of that.

It was all there before, in an alienated, immersive online experience...which turned into a simple CE2 sandbox, filled with palmtress and oceans. While I do like some areas, the rest is a mess and totally boring aka. incomplete.
Before you could get yourself lost in this world...the landscape....the music...it all fitted together so well...the ever evolving storyline added the final touch.

It all happened after the CE2 update.

I know, many dont care about the above and just want to chase the next global.

I DO care, but would you call Greenpeace the No. 1 fanboy of Planet Earth ?

I also heard, many people on this planet think, that Greenpeace is truly annoying, because they spread the truth & negativity about big companies and stuff. ;)

Its a bit exhausting, having to explain myself over and over again, but I lead great discussions with Arkadia, Cyrene and even Neverdie.

I also think, having 1 forum for each planet is an overkill.
Because there simply arent 3 million users.

While I love the idea of MMORPG, having different planets with different...races....players....building small communities...interstellar space business...ya, that would be awesome...but nothing of it is really present.

Explosive Ammo Crafting and Events rule this world now. Which turned many gamer souls sad and ruined some of their reallifes.

But enough of that.

As I said, Id love to get surprised by your planet and I wish you the best of luck. But having followed this game since its early days, I learned...that things get handled...uhm, different in here.

I do play and enjoy other games, but I always called Entropia my 2nd home. Even if I dont login for weeks sometimes.
As my friend once stated...the last synapses fully working, while you die...will be about Entropia. ;)

Anyway, MindArk is working hard on making me leave for good.

And promised, no beef here.


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It isnt really hard to program. you just need a vehicle in the shape of an animal. A bit weird to put oil in an animal, but there you go.. rideable and flyable beasts.
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