Healer at your service!


Greetings fellow community, I'm offering healing services with [Regeneration Chip 3] for the decay and mind essence costs. Tips are welcome too!
I will be on Monria for a week then I'll go to Toulan.
My timezone is game time +3 hours.
Cheers! :toast

Note: I couldn't find a proper section to post this, sorry if I posted on wrong place.
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Eleni Von Estlla

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This is the section.
But dont touch anything, DM will move it there later.
And @DarkMoonEnigma , feel free to delete this post once done :)

Ill take you on naughty monsters, but i wont be on toulan/Monria for a bit.
Good luck out there, and welcome again!
Looks like you got a grip on an activity already :)


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I moved the thread to the proper section. When you can, familiarize yourself more with the various categories and sections at the forum. It's pretty organized with regard to what should be posted where, but feel free to ask questions when needed. :)
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