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The healing orb implemented at the guardian village juvi spawn is poorly placed.

The exploit of the healing location prevents player from dying.

I will see "players" standing Inside the bubble and sweating mobs. They are unable to die without a lot of effort to drag a large mob to the area.

The placement of the healing orb location needs to be within turret range to prevent this.

Please move the healing orb to just outside of the guardian village gate or install a turret where the location is currently

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The healing bubble is outside the East Gate at Guardian Village, and even if it was moved to just outside the gate where the turret is, there are plenty of the Juvenile mobs close by, so it would be a hindrance rather than something efficient I believe. Also, having a turret where the healing bubble is now would not serve an efficient purpose either because that area has a large mob density and it would be killing off more mobs than necessary, but I understand that the positioning of the heal bubble and turret are key as well.

That "mosh pit" as it is called gets a lot of activity, not only for low-level players and others who sweat, but also for those who are completing missions, including the Church cross-location mission chain and not just the dailies.

I understand your concern, but I make frequent trips to that healing bubble since I saw myself one person who was standing inside the bubble sweating but I haven't seen it overly active with avatars standing in the bubble sweating the mobs. I think it was once or twice that I saw it and I know who the avatars are. You can only fit so many avatars within the healing bubble and I've never seen more than one at at time, and that was only a couple/few times.

However, I will discuss it with Ant to see how to address this, and what an alternative would be, if any, so it's not disruptive.


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East Gate. Pardon my lack of directions.

I appreciate your thoughts on the matter.

Alternative Suggestion

Positioning the Healing Bubble between the Mosh Pit and the Quaffaz Spawn - Out of direct range of the spawn so mobs are not unnecessarily turreted. Its usually very very light spawning activity in that corner.
Position the Orb near the South East corner of GV, just outside the walls but before the Pet Stables and install a turret



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Soloman @Black Mesa

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Alternatively, the heal effect and even a mild evade buff could come from the "Warming Campfire" in the center of Guardian Village which would benefit all within some radius. Perhaps add a second bubble inside Guardian Village, and we have Portal-Bubbles for entry and exit during "difficult" times.
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