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There are still some things lacking in entropia universe.

unlimited low damage blp amplifiers for example (3 - 17 dmg)
unlimited low damage melee trauma amplifiers is another thing that is missing. (3-18)
boxing gloves (18-60 dmg)

If Toulan could create a large mission where the end reward would be one of these items, it would draw in a lot of entropia universe players..

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well there was promised to be a graduation reward too for toulan and that thing is bugged since over 2 months now. my disciple allready quit the game thanks to the lack of support and the time needed to fix simple things.


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i generally like toulan.

but i do have some complaints that might or might not effect other players. so i will list a few of them here just to provide some feedback from my perspective.

mixed spawns of various creatures of various maturities. i dont like this because i like to focus on one type of mob and loot list at a time although i will hunt if i can do them naked and have roughly the same hp.

most of the higher hp mobs dont have clean low lvl spawns of them or if the do they are well hidden. some people myself included search entropedia and other sources of info such as jetmans wikia for mobs that have a nice fit for our dps evade hp ect. there are a few creatures on toulan that in the past i thought " i can do them for a while and do their misson" only to land on planet and find that really the only spawns are the highest lvl of the like thwar and a few others. for some of us thats not really an issues as we just go grab a bigger weapon to shoot with and continue on. but for others looking for something at the top end of their capabilites its disheartening.

the fruit and stone finds are terrible :p my current play stlye is as cheal as i can get punies sweating walking for fruit as i mine with a rookie finder. if i look at my situation and forget i am just playing like this for something different i cant see a reason to be on toulan if you follow the well worn paths of a new player doing the above. luckily i have some skills and experience to take part in toulan in other areas that a true new player would not.

anyways its 2am here and couldnt sleep thought i would add a few thoughts.

good luck its a fun planet and i like the way you are doing things.

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Well, im not Toulanian born, but i landed here when my best assets were ARK-R and ARK-0 rifles so im pretty much made on Toulan.

Regarding the maturities, i think its fine as it is.
I mean its a small planet, imagine every mobs split in low/mid/high maturities, the planet would be full, and miners life would be a nightmare, especially considering the aggro range of most mobs here.

I mean you go to a mob, you pick the ones you are capable of handling, and if a big boy land on you, well, you get a challenge... i love it.
When i was doing Bahri's. it used to have a Stalker randomly spawning like every 200 kills, it was tough as bahri aggro easy, and a stalker jumping in was hard, but i loved it.

Any begginer can start a life on Toulan, i did it, and punies were not implanted.

Now for big players, if they want a challenge, theres some nice tricky mobs... Try a Divine thawr or a boss from wave spawn... Im sure that will cool them down.

Now for a non-depot or a fruit walking/sweater/rigger person, thats another story.

I have indeed been asking few times for more nexus to be implanted.
We rearely find any, and if there a claim, its very minimal, thats hard for us, ans hard for sweater to cycle.

Rig... Drops has been drasticlly lowered lately, i could spend 2 hours alone there without a single drop. Bad.

Fruit walking, dreadful.

But fruits/rig i think it has to do with the general turnover of the planet, so im not surprised. Player base grows, drops grows.

Last point i want to make is that Toulan is on development phase.
Its not at its full release.
They are still building, adjusting, considering our feedbacks and trying to work al this out as best for everyone.

This takes time, but they doing well in my opinion.
Where other planets got things wrong, Toulan go them right.

Not about everything, but they have their own way, and i just love this.
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