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David Joker

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Greetings, I thought I would make a thread to discuss an idea that I want to make happen on Toulan. I want to figure out how to do a point system and every global for hunting, crafting or mining on Toulan counts in some way and prizes for the most points accrued in the month.

The problem is so far I was not aware of the Mindark policy against certain style of events and I need help making sure I stay within the boundaries as not not cause unwanted issues.

The idea I had so far was this, but I need help refining it:

Every time you global hunting, crafting or mining on Toulan or Dsec you get a point awarded based on parameters if you post your global screenshots in my thread or we find another way to keep track and make it fair. No matter what you do the points stack, so you can hunt, mine and craft.

Top 3 point players for the month get 50 ped for first, 30 for second and 20 for third. I was thinking 1 point for any hunting global over 20 ped and 1/2 point for any hunting global below 20 ped. Mining globals I thought about making 10 points across the board; I know from my experience it isn't as easy to global unamped mining as it is on small hunts.

Crafting I honestly have no real solid idea how to incorporate yet since I am anything but a crafter. I heard a suggestion that Toulan specific blueprints should be the only ones to count and I kind of agree. Hopefully it would keep away explosive projectile spam winning and also increase demand for our Toulan resources to further bump hunting/mining for the month.

I can adjust point values and whatnot too, nothing set in stone as of yet. I want some ideas on how to make something like this work if even possible in regards to policy. I am hoping to see active people show off their pride and dedication to Toulan while being rewarded.

Littlestar b-k

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I like what you are doing but i think a bit of tweaking might be needed.
In my case for example i have months were i have over 100 globals. Can you imagine the spam on the forum with multiple people doing this?
You'll have to check every one to see noone is cheating.(unfortunetly this happens) Seems like a full time job.
You could use the entropialife tracker but that has always had issues with Toulan. Maybe the change in global message fixed that? (Might be worth looking into.)

Sorry for this bit of bad news, i do love the idea and i hope you can make it work. I will surely be trying to win if you get it going in a good way.

David Joker

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Good morning star and thank you for some feedback! What you mentioned is exactly the monster I was hoping this wouldn't become. I am thinking of making it a month long but only having one day each week count. I don't really need anything taking all my play time away, I want to compete too lol.
I am thinking of finding some way of having a fair handicap on people who would have a strong chance of winning every time. Or perhaps finding a way to boost the odds of someone lower skill feeling they have a chance to win also.

David Joker

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I did a little more thinking on this event thing that I want to do and decided the best way to make it less of a monster to handle at first would be to make it strictly a mining event and go for a week long instead of a month. I did this for two reasons:
1. I actually understand the logistics of mining quite a bit better than I do the other professions and I spend more time with that than anything else. I think it would make more sense to go with what I know so that I can help others as needed with info, tips or pointers to help them succeed.
2. It seems to be way more time consuming to locate a mining global than to find one hunting unless you are spending tons of peds on amps. This way we can limit the amount of screenshots, posting and tracking needed to accomplish something like this.

I thought about doing the week long mining event and every global either counts as 1 point and HoF as 5. I also wondered if it would be more random and fun to use the first two digit of any claim as the points you get. If you got a 58 oil, that is 58 points and a 1235 ped claim is just worth 12.
I am still unaware what kind of events can be ran and if this is something MA would let with their policy. I read the event policy but it isn't as clear as I would like. I am hoping that if I base it off points and determination it seems less like gambling etc. If anyone knows for sure if this is even allowed or how to tweak it so that it can be, I would greatly appreciate it!


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because the globals would be a point system and that system is partially based on the players skill and not arandom number matching system I dont think that there would be a problem with this. is it MsPudding? or some name similar to that? she runs a jackpot that is based on globals. let me see if i can find a link

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