Info for the free CotS only event this sunday 2020-10-11 on Toulan

Tataio Spitfire misho

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Hi everyone, i have made an event in toulan for only CotS members, dont know much about how it works "yeah i know i was the one that created it"

I think the event will happen on the island where the event organizer is.
Hi have the Reserved event tickets to join the event, PM me in game to get it, you have to go to the event organizer and turn it in to be able to join the event. "Do it after you get the ticket"

[Planet Toulan, 131894, 91677, 104, Waypoint]
This is the first time i organize an event, and the win rule is set on "most votes", so i dont know how to select the winner. We will have to solve it there ^^
Hopefully we can see rank of somekind, and we vote for those at the top according to the stats

Time: 16:00-17:00 EU time
First price: 15 PED
Second Price: 10 PED
Third Price: 5 PED

-Erl Aziz Damon
-Kingu KinguXnox Kingu
-Leo SuperFly Phoenix
-Tataio Spitfire misho "will not join in the hunt, just watch"
-Thodoris Ichigo Petsas
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