Lea's Feedback 2.0 :)


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Heyo \o/ !
Second Feedback after those wholesome changes we received :33 - shorturl.at/ghELM
Step 2 to make Toulan even more famous :>

Sorry for weak English and if it's too long text ;-( ...


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Thanks Lea I love your feedback it's great.
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Now that i think about it Storage Boxes from wood are't THE BEST idea cause they dont decay so it would be fast fullfillment of market. But its really hard to figure out something that is kinda logic and made from wood. Maybe Wooden (L) weapon would make more sense :D or wooden smth that decay itself and dissapear, so more and more boards are needed non stop. (L) Whip for tabtabs and to transport them to other planets?
Definately something that DECAY and thus create never ending supply for boards/shavings. For game it would be cool too, to keep it goin forever.
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