Leprechaun Gold Buff Revision


Respectfully request metabolic rate of max autoloot for this pet to be reduced to an extremely low number, like 1 for example.
Reason being is because most players in the game will not use autoloot pets as consuming a autoloot pill is more cost effective.

This pet in particular I have just tamed last night, and it is no easy feat.
The tame was for me (a level 45 tamer with 14% dominance) a 9 hour tame.

Due to the lack of economical functionality of the pet it's just sitting in my estate as a trophy.
Would love to use it for the *use case* however it's just not economical at the moment.

For some context the tezla pet is favored as it has a base metabolic rate of 15 and an added metabolic rate of +1 for activating the 13% crit dmg buff.

Thank you in advance for considering my suggestion!

Very Respectfully,
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