Looking for another way of making ped outside of Sweating on Toulan?


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Currently im offering a service on Toulan.
I will supply the tt finder + 3p of probes which is enough to deplete the finder and 1 extractor.

You will go out and go mining. Once done you will return the decayed finder and w/e is left of the extractor + all the finds you extract. In return you get obviously the free skill but, more importantly you will receive the MU i pay through my trader list for each mining find you receive.

If you need info on how to mine ie: how far apart or basic let me know ill give you a refresher course <3

For example:
tt finder
w/e probes remaining
depleted extractor
1ped aqeeq
1ped qaz
1ped zircon
Traded to me
You would receive
free skillz
1.10 ped
far faster than sweating in this example
Send me a PM in game

and we can rinse n repeat this as long as im online and active :p

Ace Firefist Williams (Toulan Trader)
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