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The Love Craft Academy is a Society in Entropia Universe.

We have been a society since February 2016 and our founder was Okamisama. MadJack is the current Leader. We started as a society on Monria but now have members from all over the Entropia Universe. We also have all profession types in our Society

We have a website at HOME

MadJack buys society members first 1k of sweat at 1.5peds.

Our Primary activity is to be helpful to new members. Our Goal is to provide new players with a social framework and regular activity during their first days. That said we also have old players, as the society has been around for over 4 years and has around 250 members, some of which are mentors.

We have a discord channel.

In October 2020 we took part in the Monria event at Monria and we also had a society gathering on Next Island and Ancient Greece.

My Society and I look forward to meeting you.

All the best

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MadJack was buying society members first 1k of sweat at 2peds but MadJack lost to many peds while operating this and so this has had to be reduced to first 1k of sweat at 1.5peds per k


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The Love Craft Academy is recruiting.

When you join I will buy your 1st 1k of Sweat at 1.5peds

For the month of April we are running a recruitment drive where:

The 3rd member to join in the month of April 2021 gets a free [Omegaton B101 (L)]
The 6th member to join in the month of April 2021 gets a free [Sollomate Rubio (L)]
The 9th member to join in the month of April 2021 gets a free [Skildek Lancehead (L)]
The 12th member to join in the month of April 2021 gets a free [Sollomate Azuro (L)]
You need to be on the same planet as MadJack in order to collect this prize.

We are called the Love Craft Academy because we start out on Monria and that is connected to the story line there. We do in fact have people from all professions.

We are an active society and have held 7 society events in the last 7 months this is where I normally hire a warp ship and the society goes to a different planet to hunt. I even give out beginner guns to beginners on these hunts. In April we are going to Rocktropia and in May we are going to Ancient Greece. A team from the society has also won a Monria Team prize at the monthly Monria Team event for the last 3 months in a row. In my view hunting in Society groups is the most fun you can have in game.

I also buy goods off new players so they don’t tt them.

We started out as an Academy for new players 5 years ago but now have a range of different hp levels from 94hp-225hp. We have over 200 members with 110 active members.

We also have a number of good mentors and Discord and our own website at HOME

Go on give us a try what are you waiting for simply press F11 in game and search Love Craft Academy in order to apply.


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I am going to have a recruitment drive in 2024. Any member of the society who recruits 10 players who stay in the society 1 month in 2024 will receive 10ped. Not including MadJack.

I also wish to help new recruits the first player to apply to the Love Craft Academy society in 2024 Entropia Universe time will receive 10ped after they have been in the society 2 months. The 2nd to apply receives 9ped after 2months, the 3rd to apply receives 8ped after 2 months, the 4th to apply receives 7ped after 2 months, 5th to apply receives 6ped after 2 months, 6th to apply receives 5ped after 2 months, 7th to apply receives 4ped after 2 months 8th to apply receives 3ped after 2 months, 9th to apply receives 2ped after 2 months, 10th to apply receives 1ped after 2 months.

The 50th person to apply receives 20 ped after 2 months and the 100th person to apply in 2024 receives 40 ped. New applicates must stay in the society for 2 months MadJack’s decision on who gets what ped is final. To collect your ped you must be on the same planet as MadJack. If you have already been in the Love craft Academy society you will not be considered for new applicate status.

Out of the players that join in January the one considered the most active during February will receive 10ped. And out of all the members in the Love Craft Academy below Assistant Professor rank the one considered the most active on discord on our voice channel in February will receive 5ped. Please be respectful to each other on the discord channel.


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Please note due the the change in interface I can only message 3 members at a time instead of 18 members. society message use to take over 1 hour to do now to message all the society I'd have to message 82 times!

The next society event is on Monria for virtualsenses st. PAtrick's day event. On Saturday 16-17 Sunday March. PLEASE message MadJack if you are a member of the Love Craft Academy and intend to go.

We now have a member with a privateer and a shop.


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