MNAT Tutorial # 6 | Space Travel Guide


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MNAT Tutorial # 6 | Space Travel Guide

Traveling with a Quad in Space as Safely as Possible

The following steps are to help in avoiding pirates, but are not that easy, and might take a bit of time to find your comfort zone in accomplishing them successfully. Also, these are instructions for using a Quad spacecraft because using a Sleipnir is incredibly slow and most likely more of a risk.

Knowing if a pirate is camping at a Space Station

First, open your Friend List (Contact List) by pressing the letter J on your keyboard. Uncheck all options except for "Nearby." This only works in non-PvP, but you can creep to the edge of the Safe Zone (yellow color circle on your bottom right Hud -- the circle will change from yellow to red when you enter the PvP zone). The "Nearby" range in Space is around .200 AU.

The idea is to use your Friend List/Nearby feature to see if a pirate is at the Space Station. If the Space Station is empty of players, your Friend List will have no one on it. If you see a name, then it's time to right click your spacecraft and select "Next Vehicle Seat" where you will be sitting in your Gunner seat and it will save you gas. If both seats are occupied, then check the name out to see if you know the person. If you are unsure, go into the Space Station and log out for a while and come back later to check if the person is still there. If you are waiting in your Gunner seat, then just AFK (Away From Keyboard) and do something else for a while.

Leaving the Space Station safely after making sure no pirate is camped nearby.

If a pirate is not at the Space Station, they could still be outside the Space Station on the main path that people take to other popular planets. In other words, think like a pirate because they can spawn at the Arkadia Space Station, set a waypoint at the corner sphere entry for Calypso, then fly out of the safe zone for about .4-.7 AU and sit in their Gunner seat waiting for players heading to Calypso.

Just because you made sure the Space Station was clear, it doesn't mean it's time to relax and enjoy your flight, many have been looted like this.

Once you have made sure that no pirate is watching you at the Space Station, either increase or decrease altitude for about 500. You can check it by pressing P and looking at your System tab. The last set of numbers in the 3 set coordinates will be your altitude. In conversion .1 AU is 100 altitude straight up or down, and no pirate outside of the position will be in visual range of you flying by.

After you reach the desired altitude, set the waypoint to your destination and proceed. Waypoints are set at the altitude you're at when setting them. If you set a waypoint before you finish ascending or descending, you will fly at a long angle to your destination and use more fuel. Also, you might be flying at a position where you might be spotted by a pirate.

If at all possible, it would be best to just take a warp flight on one of the Motherships who offer a flight service. At Monria, you can take any one of the TPs directly to Calypso for 7 ped if that is your destination. Please know that this is a one-way teleportation.

Be safe, and take all precautions when flying the not-so-friendly space skies at times.

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