Monria | 12 Hr Global Prize Giveaway | "Cult of the Skull" Revealed


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BTW ... we love that some of you are presenting your own stories

Well it was your work on developing a sound storyline for Monria and the developments teams efforts to improve playability in conjunction with the storyline that inspired me to start writing some about my avatars story. Ant's measured and calculated approach to implementing development that is purposeful is a great help in writing because it inspires the storyline I am working on.

It is also motivating to see people like Negated, Leshrac and Lady D and their stories being weaved into the storyline. So I am glad to be a part of such an effort. BTW, working on my next installment of the Awakening storyline, but pressed for time, I am sure you know that situation :)


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I’m r’lyeh loving this story so I’m going to go for

I feel the evil in this number :grin

If I’m correct i’ll Donate to the cult of the skull to advance their evil work even further muhahaha

Oh my goodness I’m not feeling right what did I just say.....

You crack me up my virtual sister. :D

And nice move on the donation if you win. :aok
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