Monria 2017 | St Patrick's Day Event | The Video

Eugenio Anhithe Wilde

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I'm blown away by the video and have been watching it on repeat since it was shared by DM. You're extremely talented and I'm even more delighted that you are Monrian.

Thank you so much, I suspect I'll be watching this a lot :)

@Dark Moon Enigma, ok I might have told a white lie in the past and it turns out I have an apartment knocking around for the truly special. Could you add an appreciation award to the event prizes please so that Anny has a small place on Monria of her own.



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I can't stop watching the video either because it's just that exceptional, I too am blown away by your talent and what you did with video footage from the event. The fact that you prepared this in story format was absolutely BRILLIANT, and it makes the event come together in a way that is a true rendering of what we want to bring to our community and those who visit us as allies in the fight against Cthulhu. We want to drive our development based on story, and bring our dedicated Monrians into the lore that was, is, and will be Monria, and immortalize them in our historical archives.

I too was extremely excited when I learned you were Monrian Born. We are blessed to have both you and Pinthas as members of our Monria Media Team, and I am so glad we connected the way we did. I am simply a HUGE fan.

Thank you Anny for taking the time to navigate the event, and for your collection of superb video footage, and for pulling together what is our first "official" Monria video. Anny has the Monria Platinum Press Pass and free to go where she pleases in order to collect photos and video footage, so don't be surprised if you show up on the big screen one of these days, or in one of our stories, or articles, or any other thing the Monria Media Team whips up. :D

@Eugenio Anhithe Wilde ... what a brilliant idea ... (not the white lie, but the reward :p) ... I will add that to the Winner Results thread for sure, but ... only after I watch the video a gazillion more times. :D

Thank you again Anny ... you are simply awesome. :clap


"oh and btw, for a second there I thought the leprechaun at the beginning was actually good looking......"

Second 26 =
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