Monria Buying Schedule Updated:


Hi Wonderful People of MOnria,

I just wanna let you know. I wont be trading for 3days 9-11. We got family ( my mom and her friends) coming over. So i'll be busy being tour guide :) them friends around. But i will be on and off to check stuff though impossible to trade.

I'll see on the 12th. :)) :peace:thumbsup

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Hello Monria,

I have abrupt trip for 1 week to see my parents(Nov 24-Dec 1). My flight will be in a few hours. Once i'm there i will update my temporary buying schedule for Monria.

Thank you for your understanding. :)

-Sophia Angel Heart-


Hi MOnria :)

I will be temporary changing my schedule for December and January. With the holidays coming soon a lot of stuff going on. I will be keeping the 21:00-22:00 schedule for now. Thank you for your understanding. :)

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays to whom it applies. :)
Time flies so fast its my 9th month here trading. :jumpclap

Sophia :)
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Enjoy your travels Sophia, and see you when you get back ... Happy Holidays. :)
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