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For a while now, I have been talking in Monria chat about how decent my loot has been with the Yogs, and said that I would take screen shots in May and post them so everyone could see. I hunt the level 11-19 in the caves not far from Cave TP 2 heading toward Cave TP 3.

I have posted screen shots of loot 4 ped and above because it's pretty consistent. There was plenty of loot just under 4 ped and below, but I made the cut-off at loot equaling 4 ped and above. I have broken down the hunts by date. If you hover your cursor over each photo, you can see the date in the URL link at the bottom left of the forum screen. I believe May 21st and 22nd were the same hunt because I started the hunt before the game time changed to the new date, so I kept them together in one group but separated by date.

This is my usual setup:
  • ArMatrix LR-25 (I am maxed and efficient on this weapon)
  • A-104 Amp
  • Longreach 4 Scope
  • Bullseye 8 x 2
  • Aquila Armor w/6A Plates
  • 200 - 250 ped in ammo
I enjoy hunting Yogs, but I am basically hunting them now for the Modec VXT 100s because we are using these now in our Monrian Born starter kits. They drop fairly frequently and several in the community have donated theirs for the starter kits as well, so thank you very much for contributing to our MB starter kits. This weapon's TT value is 0.96 so it's the perfect weapon to use.

Note to the boss ... so, even while engaging in a Yog hunt, I'm still in work mode. :p

As you view the loot screen photos, you will see quite a bit of loot in the teens, 20s, 30s, and even 40s, but there's also a global now and then. :D

I have split the month into more than one post to accommodate the attachments.

May 5th

Entropia 2018-05-05 19-19-20-79.png Entropia 2018-05-05 19-30-15-06.png Entropia 2018-05-05 19-32-26-73.png Entropia 2018-05-05 19-32-58-08.png Entropia 2018-05-05 19-44-36-91.png

Entropia 2018-05-05 19-48-03-60.png Entropia 2018-05-05 19-58-14-63.png Entropia 2018-05-05 20-03-20-14.png Entropia 2018-05-05 20-05-53-64.png Entropia 2018-05-05 20-15-18-51.png

Entropia 2018-05-05 20-24-24-26.png Entropia 2018-05-05 20-26-27-71.png Entropia 2018-05-05 21-19-55-01.png

May 7th -- (I got this global right out the gate by the TP and then had to stop to take care of some things)

Entropia 2018-05-07 20-53-46-65.png

May 8th

Entropia 2018-05-08 17-42-55-10.png Entropia 2018-05-08 17-45-53-66.png Entropia 2018-05-08 17-52-28-42.png Entropia 2018-05-08 17-53-43-83.png Entropia 2018-05-08 18-04-49-46.png Entropia 2018-05-08 18-05-52-80.png

Entropia 2018-05-08 18-41-54-93.png Entropia 2018-05-08 18-46-15-13.png Entropia 2018-05-08 18-47-50-61.png Entropia 2018-05-08 19-36-38-77.png Entropia 2018-05-08 19-39-05-83.png Entropia 2018-05-08 19-40-58-08.png

Entropia 2018-05-08 21-07-17-03.png Entropia 2018-05-08 21-08-24-26.png Entropia 2018-05-08 21-23-38-39.png Entropia 2018-05-08 21-25-11-03.png Entropia 2018-05-08 21-26-00-35.png Entropia 2018-05-08 21-27-14-33.png

Entropia 2018-05-08 21-31-02-00.png Entropia 2018-05-08 21-41-13-29.png Entropia 2018-05-08 21-44-19-69.png Entropia 2018-05-08 21-48-09-65.png Entropia 2018-05-08 21-53-20-62.png Entropia 2018-05-08 21-54-11-81.png

Entropia 2018-05-08 21-54-58-92.png Entropia 2018-05-08 22-00-46-68.png Entropia 2018-05-08 22-04-14-67.png Entropia 2018-05-08 22-08-22-11.png Entropia 2018-05-08 22-15-21-83.png Entropia 2018-05-08 22-15-58-76.png

Entropia 2018-05-08 22-17-10-50.png Entropia 2018-05-08 22-21-17-93.png Entropia 2018-05-08 22-29-26-86.png Entropia 2018-05-08 22-29-51-63.png Entropia 2018-05-08 22-41-03-63.png

May 13

Entropia 2018-05-13 12-52-17-92.png Entropia 2018-05-13 12-55-48-82.png Entropia 2018-05-13 12-57-54-24.png Entropia 2018-05-13 12-59-12-71.png Entropia 2018-05-13 13-00-05-52.png

Entropia 2018-05-13 13-01-22-40.png Entropia 2018-05-13 13-18-02-13.png Entropia 2018-05-13 13-40-57-13.png Entropia 2018-05-13 13-42-25-90.png Entropia 2018-05-13 13-46-16-39.png

Entropia 2018-05-13 13-57-03-23.png Entropia 2018-05-13 13-59-30-86.png Entropia 2018-05-13 14-02-38-16.png Entropia 2018-05-13 14-05-41-11.png Entropia 2018-05-13 14-06-28-01.png

Entropia 2018-05-13 14-07-19-92.png Entropia 2018-05-13 14-15-45-65.png Entropia 2018-05-13 14-24-16-57.png Entropia 2018-05-13 15-01-02-12.png Entropia 2018-05-13 15-05-11-28.png

May 14

Entropia 2018-05-14 19-29-48-06.png Entropia 2018-05-14 19-37-44-59.png Entropia 2018-05-14 19-40-28-91.png Entropia 2018-05-14 19-46-39-59.png Entropia 2018-05-14 19-50-06-40.png Entropia 2018-05-14 19-55-23-43.png

Entropia 2018-05-14 19-59-29-35.png Entropia 2018-05-14 20-04-29-91.png Entropia 2018-05-14 20-05-06-02.png Entropia 2018-05-14 20-07-28-45.png Entropia 2018-05-14 20-08-10-52.png Entropia 2018-05-14 20-10-52-39.png

Entropia 2018-05-14 20-11-39-30.png Entropia 2018-05-14 20-14-34-62.png Entropia 2018-05-14 20-20-50-09.png Entropia 2018-05-14 20-23-03-13.png Entropia 2018-05-14 20-26-14-68.png Entropia 2018-05-14 20-27-54-06.png

Entropia 2018-05-14 20-42-30-96.png Entropia 2018-05-14 20-47-43-16.png Entropia 2018-05-14 20-52-13-79.png Entropia 2018-05-14 21-06-19-76.png Entropia 2018-05-14 21-10-13-04.png Entropia 2018-05-14 21-11-39-00.png

May 15

Entropia 2018-05-15 20-51-08-70.png Entropia 2018-05-15 20-55-55-55.png Entropia 2018-05-15 21-03-06-39.png Entropia 2018-05-15 21-09-32-17.png Entropia 2018-05-15 21-10-49-15.png

Entropia 2018-05-15 21-12-15-61.png Entropia 2018-05-15 22-43-40-21.png Entropia 2018-05-15 22-46-06-41.png Entropia 2018-05-15 22-49-11-31.png

Continued in next post ...
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